After waiting a long time for the postal and customs service to clear the ‘Art’, a most anticipated set of cards has finally landed. The Maybe Lenormand, designed by the inimitable Ryan Edward, lives up to its label. Art of the highest has actually hit me, and I am most high myself, just by lookingContinue reading “MAYBE LENORMAND”


I’m on a roll. I keep receiving gifts from fans of Taroflexions, and students of cartomancy. Today, a lovely package filled with aromas and light from Drapi Arora, and another from Ryan Edward in the form of a very special glass, cards, and a crystal ball, graced my threshold. With Drapi I’ve been corresponding backContinue reading “QUEEN OF SPADES”


‘There’s magic in the world and I get to live it.’ This is what I wrote earlier today in connection with a gift I have received this morning. This one was truly very special, and given the circumstance, quite beyond perfect. It was prompted by an occasion connected with a magical task I have assignedContinue reading “SIGIL”


This week I was invited for a chat on FOLK MAGIC AND READING CARDS by Andrew Kyle McGregor, Tarot reader, Santero and owner of The Hermit’s Lamp in Toronto. A fun and pleasant conversation came out of it, for Andrew’s podcast series, in which he talks to various people in the cartomantic community. This is not somethingContinue reading “CARDS AND FOLK MAGIC”


I have written about the so-called Tironian Lenormand cards before, in connection with a lovely gift from collector K. Frank Jensen. On that occasion I suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that these mysterious cards, featuring strange symbols in the place of where we otherwise find playing-card insets, are actually monograms. Today I’ve played with these cards for aContinue reading “TIRONIAN LENORMAND REVISITED”