Tarot at RUC: A Diplomatic Encounter On Tuesday the 14th of April 2015 Roskilde University Library has hosted an unusual event. A group of 13 diplomats and ambassadors representing 13 countries participated in a 4-hour lecture on the historical and cultural significance of the tarot cards. Some 2 years ago the university took over theContinue reading “TAROT FOR DIPLOMATS”


I’m calling my post today The Shining, to allude to the horror book by Stephen King, but I could just as well have called it The Fiddling. It may well be that I’ve just finished writing a whole book using images from the unknown and unseen Marseille Tarot of Carolus Zoya, but somehow, and forContinue reading “THE SHINING”


I have written about the so-called Tironian Lenormand cards before, in connection with a lovely gift from collector K. Frank Jensen. On that occasion I suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that these mysterious cards, featuring strange symbols in the place of where we otherwise find playing-card insets, are actually monograms. Today I’ve played with these cards for aContinue reading “TIRONIAN LENORMAND REVISITED”


While playing with some funny cards, it occurred to me that today is Pixi’s birthday. Pamela Colman Smith, the Grand Lady of Tarot, and one who turned a marginal art into commerce. A great genius. Historians of tarot love to hate this woman and her involvement with the Golden Dawn. Was she an enlightened womanContinue reading “TAROT: BETWEEN ART AND MONEY”


Today is my friend’s birthday. A woman well-known to some in the cartomantic community. Witta Kiessling Jensen, artist and wife of the famed collector K. Frank Jensen, is a woman of power. Not many can celebrate their 72nd birthday on a new moon. Something new must be made for her. I got up and decidedContinue reading “BIRTHDAY”