Fashionable English Lenormand in 1887: The gift of Kamekichi Tsunajima

Card enthusiasts know it well. Perform a google search, or use the search engine of a museum, and voilá, before you know it, you’ll have access to some of the most fantastic images currently available, of both ancient and recent origins. For instance, I’ve downloaded a number of historical Tarots from Gallica, the French nationalContinue reading “Fashionable English Lenormand in 1887: The gift of Kamekichi Tsunajima”


Life is all about relationships. Even if you’re monk, your life will still be about a relationship, the one between you and your mind. On a more mundane level, relationships between lovers are more interesting than the ones between working associates. Jealousy is more interesting than envy, and the determination to love forever is moreContinue reading “THE CURE FOR LOVE IS A STRONGER LOVE”