This week I was invited for a chat on FOLK MAGIC AND READING CARDS by Andrew Kyle McGregor, Tarot reader, Santero and owner of The Hermit’s Lamp in Toronto.

A fun and pleasant conversation came out of it, for Andrew’s podcast series, in which he talks to various people in the cartomantic community. This is not something I do every day, say yes to being interviewed for podcasts, but I have to admit that I couldn’t resist when I was asked.

First of all because of the topic itself – folk magic and divination – and then because a cartomantic student of mine, Ryan Edward, requested it.

If I have to summarize it myself, I’d say that the talk revolves around the use of cards for magical purpose in the simplest way. We are here with what others have defined as ‘low magic’.

We are not with elaborate ritual systems, conjurations, and other such strategies of getting to the higher, and what others also call, astral plane. We are here with people who use cards as a means of getting closer to nature, and hence experiencing a most physical solution to whatever is needed.

The cards indicate that you’re going to have an accident on the road to Norway? Avoid that possibility by placing some counter-act cards on your dashboard in your car. How about the Wheel of Fortune and Temperance for a smooth stream-lining? Your colleague pisses you off at the office? Glue a destroyer card to the back of his seat. You have a meeting and don’t know what to expect? Ask the cards for raised awareness. You get the Popesse, or the High Priestess? Observe, shut up, and say nothing. You get the Emperor? Get ready to use your fist on the table.

Is all this ‘ethical?’ We all know the difference between right or wrong. We don’t need philosophizing on that, so I didn’t spend time on talking about it.

But in terms of the usefulness of such acts on a personal level, well, I suggested that when I use the cards in this way, I’m not concerned with, ‘and what happened afterwards’, or ‘what I might have done differently’, or ‘what my conscience tells me.’

If I make a decision based on the cards, then the good news is that it prevents me precisely from having second thoughts afterwards. And why is this useful? Well, simply because I don’t end up speculating endlessly.

So I use that time of calmness and harmony after having done something to do something else, rather than second-guessing or doubting myself.

All this, and then some more in this new podcast, Folk Magic and Card Reading. Enjoy!


Thank you, to Andrew Kyle McGregor for making it fun and easy, and to Ryan Edward for requesting it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 9.09.19 PM


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