After waiting a long time for the postal and customs service to clear the ‘Art’, a most anticipated set of cards has finally landed. The Maybe Lenormand, designed by the inimitable Ryan Edward, lives up to its label. Art of the highest has actually hit me, and I am most high myself, just by lookingContinue reading “MAYBE LENORMAND”


Three days ago a woman psychologist wanted to know what kind of an impact her research has made on a crowd she has lectured for, and who was unfamiliar with some of the concepts that she was using – concepts imported from the less consecrated world of ‘related psychology’, such as, myth as reality inContinue reading “CONFLATED SYMMETRIES”


In a recent discussion with Rachel Pollack about inspiration, I suggested that we look at the etymology of the word. From Latin, inspirare, to be inspirited or to inspire, inspiration means not only ‘to breathe,’ but also to receive divine guidance when breathing in a certain way. What is thus suggested in this word isContinue reading “BURNING SERPENT”


In honor of my new deck, A Helium Poet, my partner, Bent Sørensen, an inveterate card-player and divination connoisseur, decided to create a grand tableau spread, as he knows I have a faiblesse for them. He called it The Clover Lenormand. The idea is to use all the cards in a continuous line that goesContinue reading “LENORMAND GRAND TABLEAU: THE CLOVER”


NOTE: The text below refers to the out of print limited edition. Since 2013, a new Helium Poet Lenormand was published with a twist, now available here. Last week I was on the west coast in Denmark, showing my friend Witta Kiessling Jensen the sites. The whether forecast had been bad. Although the plan wasContinue reading “MY LENORMAND DECK: A HELIUM POET”