I send out a newsletter on a monthly basis to all who gravitate towards the life of magic in all its manifestations. Not quite the same as the writing on Taroflexions. The idea is to give people something to think about.

The idea of the newsletter is to present a reflection on a very tight and specific topic for which I read a sequence of cards. I will interpret proverbs and popular, folklore sayings with the cards. That’s my new idea and the topic of my third book in the series of practices of divination and magic. Call this new attempt Cartomantic Aphorisms in Epistolary Form.

This contribution to the folk practices of reading and producing spiritual texts is my new mojo, and I look forward already to sharing a word of wisdom and philosophy of action with everyone inclined to hear more. Just cool stuff.

If you subscribe, you get a bonus, a very nice PDF that only the magical subscribers get.

The file also contains a recording of me reciting the 7 spells. You can listen to it already here.

camelia elias, romanian spellcraft

Subscribe at the main site below. Click the image, and then go over to the menu on the left. Or simply scroll down the page. A pop up window will invite you to join me on this magical ride.


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