Yesterday I posted an image of my celebration of the New Moon on social media with this text: ‘Whatever inspiration you hatch, make sure it’s the inverse of what is expected.’ This made a student in my Marseille course class and Nonreading program ask: ‘What’s the deal with the New Moon and the setting of intention? IContinue reading “NEW MOON MAGIC”



When the Goddess comes to visit she comes in the shape of a magical writer. She writes on embossed stationary and golden cards. There are dunes and holes in the paper, and you swear that you can smell something resembling sand by the beach in a far away Northern country. The Goddess uses three differentContinue reading “LETTERING THE GODDESS”


Inspired by a photo posted on my Facebook wall that people liked a lot, featuring the sun in my mouth, I’ve decided to make explicit what I like to do even more than offer standard readings of cards, tuition, or the crafting of cards of enchantment. Stellar magic. On a grand scale. The royal type. TheContinue reading “STELLAR MAGIC”


‘The King of the Fairies approaching his domain’ is a higher conceit of the other symbol ‘The university professor lecturing to his students.’ When Mars enters Scorpio one degree off the Descendent, all calculations get suspended. Raw action penetrates Pluto’s fiery and bottomless pit, and what we think is the perception of the Other inContinue reading “PERCEPTION”


‘There’s magic in the world and I get to live it.’ This is what I wrote earlier today in connection with a gift I have received this morning. This one was truly very special, and given the circumstance, quite beyond perfect. It was prompted by an occasion connected with a magical task I have assignedContinue reading “SIGIL”


Santa Maria Madre di Dio Maria Vergine The dead head of Saint Catherine of Siena Guadalupe in the fire Black Madonna, mother of all Life and death – Dead children can also come out of you – bless their souls. Santa Maria Madre di Dio Lilith, mother of the ultimate disobedience – How dare youContinue reading “THE MOTHER”