Last night I’ve sent out a call to a new cycle of Tarot Prompts. This is a series of 11 readings for 11 days in a row.

But what kind of readings?

Reversed readings. The cards pose a question to us for 11 days in a row. It’s a total feast. Or so I’ve been told by all who have previously been part of this process – both at individual level, and at group level.

Those reading Taroflexions know already why I always insist that there’s no divination without a question. A divination session that’s not prompted by a question turns into a storytelling event at best, or pure invention at worst. Not that anything is wrong either with storytelling or invention, but we must acknowledge the fact that there’s a long tradition for divination and that this tradition rests entirely on a premise of receiving an answer to a specific question.

But what question? See, that is the question. 

In my work with the tarot, I’ve come to realize that the question is the hardest – both for myself and others too. We’re not very good at posing a goddamn good question, primarily because of fear. So what I do sometimes is let the cards ask me a question for a longer period of time.

Why? Because when I come to the cards and say: ‘Please, ask me a goddamn good question,’ I can be sure that the question coming from the cards will not be informed either by my fears or my desires.

I rather like this a lot. 

So I offer this to myself and others who want to try it. The idea with these prompts is two fold. To give everyone something to reflect on, specifically a question that the cards ‘formulate’. Second, everyone gets to see how I entwine reading the cards with the oracular voice in such a way that the message is crystal clear and poetic at the same time.

The prompts appeal to the smart magic in us, in other words, the magic that we can reflect on in a particularly conscious way.

Hop on board.

It’s cheap – 11 readings for 11 days for 22 bucks. The theme this time is V O I C E.

Go to the registration page if you’re interested, and give it a try. Registration closes on March 31.

You’re welcome to check a series of 11 readings here, and get a sense of how it works.

Cheers to all, enjoy your Easter celebrations.


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Or the one for women that ended up going a little bit viral, No One Has Power Over You.



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