‘The King of the Fairies approaching his domain’ is a higher conceit of the other symbol ‘The university professor lecturing to his students.’ When Mars enters Scorpio one degree off the Descendent, all calculations get suspended. Raw action penetrates Pluto’s fiery and bottomless pit, and what we think is the perception of the Other in Seven is force. The kind that lulls you into spying on yourself in the black mirror. The moon delaying her purpose in the house of the evil Daimon is a transcended moon. Horary games. The professor greets the King of Fairies by allowing Pluto to bomb all traditions in Capricorn. ‘All for love’, says Venus ruling Taurus in the Ascendant, and taking the risk of coming very close to the frightening Algol. ‘Stop it’, Mercury clamors, squaring off against the idea of having a horoscope sound like a live commentary at a football match. But who is Mercury addressing? All for one? We are back with Mars ruling the house where Uranus resides right now. But Mars is busy stomping in the secret fire. Fumes come out of it and the oracle acquires a smell. The smell of ‘no limits’ and of the insatiable You.




Note on the method:

For this poetic reading, I’ve used both horary and electional astrology. As this is a poem, however, I have not disclosed the question – the question being crucial in this branch of astrology. The quoted sentences in the first line are a reference to both the Sabian and the Kozminsky symbols. The ‘interpretation’ is all my own.

2 thoughts on “PERCEPTION

  1. Andrew says:

    Scorpio 28

    Sabian Symbol: A pageant of fairyland is made visible to mortal eyes: the king of the little people is welcomed to his domain.
    Kozminsky Symbol: A sailor steering a ship in a rough sea, looking anxiously ahead.

    Scorpio 29

    Sabian Symbol: Flanked by the splendor of an Incan Monarch’s court a mother of captured princelets pleads archly for their lives.
    Kozminsky Symbol: A university professor lecturing to his students.

    Are these the ones to which you refer?

    Mars, the ruler of the descendant, is on the ascendant, so to speak, as he crosses the line. Venus, the romantic virgin, approaches sextile to Mars, and wants to take a gamble on love, but only so long as she can control the terms of the contract from behind the scene, so to speak. Mars could be a crime boss, if not a wolf in disguise. How to please the master? Reputations may be at stake.

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      It’s Scorpio 28 and 29 (as Mars is going ‘out’ as it were). In Kozminskyi’s book, the university professor goes with Scorpio 29. Some online sources give this description for Scorpio 28. I have a nice hard cover printed copy, so I go with that.

      Excellent observation on Venus, and if we remember that in the Sabian symbols she is associated primarily with acquisitiveness rather than love, then we can see the competition for power playing itself out behind the scenes even more clearly. The Ascendent is in Taurus with Venus ruling, opposing the passion of Mars. A crime of no disclosure is committed, and the image wins. Reputation, you say? The heart is sacrificed on its altar.

      Thanks for this comment. I like it very much.

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