Santa Maria Madre di Dio Maria Vergine The dead head of Saint Catherine of Siena Guadalupe in the fire Black Madonna, mother of all Life and death – Dead children can also come out of you – bless their souls. Santa Maria Madre di Dio Lilith, mother of the ultimate disobedience – How dare youContinue reading “THE MOTHER”



It’s the season. Or maybe not, as I always end up doing some practical magic at the cabin in the Swedish woods. I’m good with cards, knots, and other thoughts. There are alliances. We watch each other. I craft anew with the old bones. Fallen apples have made it into a crumble pie. Tomorrow I’llContinue reading “BROOM TIE”


Today it’s my nephew’s birthday. Paul turned 19. 19 adds to 10. 1+0 for new beginnings and then a jump into the void. I wish Paul all the best with making the best of it, indeed. He called me. I didn’t call him. ‘I’m making a cake,’ he said. ‘Are you coming over?’ ‘No, I’mContinue reading “PAUL’S KEY”


Today is my friend’s birthday. A woman well-known to some in the cartomantic community. Witta Kiessling Jensen, artist and wife of the famed collector K. Frank Jensen, is a woman of power. Not many can celebrate their 72nd birthday on a new moon. Something new must be made for her. I got up and decidedContinue reading “BIRTHDAY”


Magic and ethics, that’s the question, or is it? Although I don’t want to make a big fuss about it, I want to make a quick point that might inspire others to think about what they are saying when they utter the words ‘magic and ethics.’ While I have been fortunate enough to have undergoneContinue reading “TAROT AND MAGIC”


Some have been enjoying my latest spell work, published on my other blog, Fragments, where I muse about life, people, animals, and places. I find particular pleasure in creating magical objects that are useful. I like to allow myself to be seized by the cards. Put my words in the service of my mind, but letContinue reading “SPELL”