‘The King of the Fairies approaching his domain’ is a higher conceit of the other symbol ‘The university professor lecturing to his students.’ When Mars enters Scorpio one degree off the Descendent, all calculations get suspended. Raw action penetrates Pluto’s fiery and bottomless pit, and what we think is the perception of the Other inContinue reading “PERCEPTION”


My summer solstice yesterday was magical. I have received a marvelous gift in the form of a pack of cards, a bag with magical plants, salts, and crystals, and a blackthorn tincture from Dana Komjaty, a Dutch artist and herbalist. Dana’s cards are all original artwork. They are not a facsimile. A regular 54 playing-cardContinue reading “BOUNDARIES”


Passing the time over the fall break with my family in a cabin in the Swedish woods, I had the idea to create an oracle deck of cards, based on several timeless sources of wisdom – one being, of course, the Major Arcana of the Tarot. After chasing after suitably oracular material among the availableContinue reading “THE ORACLE OF THE FABLES”


Today it’s my nephew’s birthday. Paul turned 19. 19 adds to 10. 1+0 for new beginnings and then a jump into the void. I wish Paul all the best with making the best of it, indeed. He called me. I didn’t call him. ‘I’m making a cake,’ he said. ‘Are you coming over?’ ‘No, I’mContinue reading “PAUL’S KEY”