Dark duel: Algorab conjunct the Moon against some fancy gossipers

On the poetry of performing black magic on an excellent day, when the stars and the moon aligned just right.


Last night I discovered that my standard cards, the hand-stenciled Jean Noblet Marseille Tarot (by Jean Flornoy) that I use for all my client readings, had gone missing. The horror, the horror. As it was past midnight, I was just about to go to bed, when I found myself in a frenzy, looking for them.Continue reading “HOW TO RECOVER WHAT YOU LOST”



It was 2.22 last night when I came back into the log cabin after having witnessed the most epic and wondrous Perseids meteor shower in my life, while lounging on the porch on top of a mountain plateau in Norway. Fireballs were hitting the sky, and one huge green dragon with a red tail wasContinue reading “DOMESTIC BY WAY OF MONKSHOOD”


Inspired by a photo posted on my Facebook wall that people liked a lot, featuring the sun in my mouth, I’ve decided to make explicit what I like to do even more than offer standard readings of cards, tuition, or the crafting of cards of enchantment. Stellar magic. On a grand scale. The royal type. TheContinue reading “STELLAR MAGIC”


Where the problem of agency is concerned, as in cartomancy whose many rules have been derived from astrological correspondences, so in astrology. In classical astrology, as in classical fortunetelling, it is crucially important to know who is who and doing what to whom. How do we assign significators to the many actors playing a natal,Continue reading “THE PATHETIC FALLACY”


One of the most rewarding aspects in consulting with divinatory tools consists of realizing that you CAN help others with their questions, and that you CAN say something about the way in which others get a clearer sense of their purpose in life. In this sense I regard the predictive aspect in divination as active,Continue reading “PURPOSE”