Inspired by a photo posted on my Facebook wall that people liked a lot, featuring the sun in my mouth, I’ve decided to make explicit what I like to do even more than offer standard readings of cards, tuition, or the crafting of cards of enchantment. Stellar magic. On a grand scale. The royal type. The kind that goes seductive and secretive. Bordering inappropriateness – given the main factor of stealing that goes into it.

As we are soon out of a challenging square, the Jupiter-Saturn square, with Jupiter moving into the constellation of Virgo, yet on its way being ushered into its detriment by the royal star Regulus, I thought I’d perform a Jupiter grand rite on August 6th, when my own planetary transits enticed me to ask for something big. I did.

The next day, while still under this influence, what with Jupiter applying to my natal Sun forcefully, voilà, I found this planet of generosity, faith, wisdom, and fortunes in my beer glass, a glass that happens to feature the eye of Horus, incrusted in real gold.


In a post, THE ART OF STEALING, that turned into an explicit, rather than thus far implicit, offer to do stellar magic based on stealing power from the stars, which I then inscribe on pages from stolen books – yes, I’m a thief, I do come from Romania, after all – I made clear what the point of this kind of working is.

Have a look, enjoy, and consider some power. We can all use that one.

Camelia Elias, Rite of Jupiter, 2015, Sigil on stolen book


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