Cartomancy students send me gifts all the time. They are all special, yet on occasion, they’re also so rare that they leave me speechless.

I’ve written about Ryan Edward, the creator of the Maybe Lenormand Oracle and the Marseille Playing Cards before, and about his pledge to send me Number 1 of all the decks that he will create for the hereafter.

The reason for the pledge is simple.  Ryan decided that my tutoring him along the years is worth just that.

So I get the Number 1 of everything he does.

Collectors out there, I apologize for Ryan’s stubbornness. If he’s true to his word, and so far he has been, you’re never going to get the Number 1 of anything that he releases in the limited and luxury edition line.

But Ryan today has outdone himself, shifting also my perception of what Number 1 is.

Along with gifts and glorious cards, belladonna flying ointment and others, he sends me the originals for his first Lenormand deck. Like, what? 

The Maybe Lenormand by Ryan needs no more introduction, but let’s face it, how many times can a teacher be said to receive a student’s first hand originals, just like that? 

Bragging about it is in order.

Beyond that, I’m using words to describe what’s happening, and I’m searching for just the metaphor that would give the readers of Taroflexions an idea of what I feel right now. I can’t find it.

I go to Ryan’s luxury edition of the Marseille Trumps, Number 1, for the words that fail me:

The cards say, love at first sight.

The Fool, the Star and the Sun get together, and it’s pouring gold.

That’s it.

I’ll say this to the rest of the world, following me here:

Teach something. Do it with the heart, and do it with a strong spine – meaning, that if you have to spank the hell out of a student you will do it without reserve – and chances are that some student somewhere out there in the big wide world may just decide that you’re deserving of all the Number 1 numbers.

Ryan, thank you.

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2 thoughts on “THE NUMBER ONE

  1. Great post. I’m a teacher (crochet) and feel bad at the verbal spankings I have to give sometimes. “I was hurt by your disparaging comments,” said one woman recently. Damn lucky she didn’t get me this week after reading your newsletter! Thanks for such original newsletters Nina

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