camelia elias, ryan edward

Last week it was cards, a skull, and a book. This week begins with cards, a pendulum, and absinth soap.

Ryan Edward, a well-known name now in the cartomantic community felt moved to send me some gifts.

He does this regularly, mostly also as part of a pledge he once made to give me the Number 1 of any deck cards that he happens to create.

camelia elias, ryan edward

Ryan is one of the students in my cartomatic program who had tutoring in all three: Marseille Tarot, Lenormand, and Playing cards. On the side there was some heavy-duty magic too, but we don’t talk about that here.

Students sending me gifts – even after they complete their novice stages – never fails to astonish and please me in the highest. That’s simply because all of these gifts are carefully crafted and exhibit a high level of attention. Not only to the detail, but also attention to what I’m all about.

For instance, Ryan’s pendulum, a most original and fantastic creation I’ve ever seen, is not only composed of two spoons tied in an intricate knot, but also of a Tibetan bell hanging from the middle axis. Obviously Ryan has figured out just what bells mean to me.

Ryan also seems to have figured out that I’m a sort of a monk, and that I have been that, both in this life time and all the others, if I care to extend my projections here to a realm that’s both magical and of the beyond.

camelia elias, ryan edward

The cards are magical too. Ryan has inscribed a hand drawn sigil in gold ink on each and every one of them, a piquet pack of 32 old playing cards.

The cards came with a green fairy card, telling me all about one fine Halloween night, the last one, when Ryan drank absinth, smoked mugworth, and created sigils for me.

camelia elias, ryan edward

I mean, think for a bit. What are the odds that one of your students does this, use their magical nights to do things for you, an old hag, who mostly bashes her students all the time?

Well, on this latter observation, might I refer the gentle readers to the venerable tradition of Zen monks beating their students with a stick? Indeed, if the master is enlightened, and you know it when they are, then I say this: There’s nothing more wonderful and gratifying than to be beaten with a stick by someone who is in the business of not wasting their time.

Simulated anger is the path of the bodhisattvas: You get to make a point by adopting an alchemical position, and like the peacock, by ingesting virulent poison – your own and the other’s – you annihilate its power and transform it into a familiar friend.

The first card down were these:

Jack of Hearts, Jack of Clubs, Ace of Spades

camelia elias, ryan edward

That’s right I said to myself. It has not been my lot to have children of my own, either in this life time, or in any other life time that I care to remember. This suits me excellently. But what I do, and what I’m good at, however, is target the young, teach them the craft.

The bottom card was the card of mystery and magic, the 7 of Spades. Well, either that, or, once more around the block, crying. As they say, no pain, no gain. The teaching, however, consists of pressing beyond identifications with pain, failure, success, and so on.

A good magician identifies with nothing, and fears nothing. How can you fear anything, when you don’t identify with anything? I teach this. I beat others on their heads with this until they get it. I show no mercy and take no prisoners. That would be the Ace of Spades for you.

‘What counters this teaching,’ I asked the cards, in a follow up thought. The next card was the Ace of Hearts. Well, that settles it. It’s not like I identify with my own frustrations when the students don’t get it. I only pretend that I do. Ryan gets this.

camelia elias, ryan edward

I’m very happy with my students. Because of this attitude: Once my students, always my students. They go all the way and then some. They dig the beyond. I can’t ask for more.

Most grateful to you, master Ryan. You nailed it.



P.S. Meet Ryan and a bunch of others in my next round of the quirky Tarot Prompts beginning on December 1. A totally fun run that teaches cards by the way of the stick. If not this time around, you may appreciate reading a post, Pandora’s Box, about what I do when I run these. Enjoy!


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