I’m on a roll. I keep receiving gifts from fans of Taroflexions, and students of cartomancy.

IMG_4003Today, a lovely package filled with aromas and light from Drapi Arora, and another from Ryan Edward in the form of a very special glass, cards, and a crystal ball, graced my threshold.

With Drapi I’ve been corresponding back and forth about all things cards and magic, emeralds, stars, and heavy-duty purifications.

IMG_4004With Ryan I have learnt a lot myself. The man is a tower of dedication, and I have to admit that currently he is my top favorite student of cards. We have also performed magic together, to great satisfaction and success. These are the people who make me love my ‘other life’. I am ever so grateful.

While Drapi’s hand-made candles with hand-made wax and herbs from her own kitchen are now lit in my living-room, I contemplate Ryan’s Queen of Spades. It looks to me like she decided to sit on the black, smoked crystal, and bang against the fragile glass that Ryan’s long dead grandmother has pained. I’m almost crying. Carmilla’s glass reached me in shards.


Ryan decided that there’s affinity between his grandmother and me, first because we almost share the name, and then because of the cards, which we used for some detective work about her.

She had things to say to both of us, and at some point Ryan shared a photograph of the glasses she used to make and paint on. For him to send me one is a most special thing. I cherish this gift, and I pledge to reconstruct the painting on it. I’m good with fragments, and I already have an idea as to how to use the splinters.

Ryan’s cards, the 3 of Diamonds along the Queen of Spades already anticipated this break, and now I want to say to him: ‘Ryan, what did I tell you about the 3 of Diamonds? It means scattering. Don’t send fragile things in the mail along the 3 of Diamonds.’ This is a lesson I give him for free.

It goes to show. In the new year, we can all spend our time sensibly, to do things for our bodies, get our hands in wax and earth, piece fragments together in a creative way, gaze into other dimensions, learn the lessons to be learnt, and, of course, read more cards.

Thank you friends. You made my day. May you have a most wonderful and rich New Year.



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7 thoughts on “QUEEN OF SPADES

  1. Markus Pfeil says:

    How wonderful Camelia, it appears in the context of this teaching the three of diamonds speaks about shar(e)d teachings. Thank you for sharing.

    Best, Markus

  2. Mr. Lucky says:

    “Don’t send fragile things in the mail along with the 3 of diamonds.”

    Was the 3 of Diamonds the culprit or was it the Queen of Spades?

    Now, every reader of playing cards has their own meanings (me included). You perceive the 3 of diamonds to mean “scatter”, and I hold the meaning to be “increase.” However, most readers see the Queen of Spades in a negative light, and rightly so. This is the woman that causes trouble and disruptions in one’s life. She is a trouble maker, intentional or not.

    So, was it the 3 of Diamonds or was it the Queen of Spades? I leave it to each of you to decide.

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      All 3s are increase, but then we have context to work with, don’t we? In the context of cancer, the 3 of spades can be increase of the bad cells, resulting in loss of life. Hence I read the 3 of Spades as loss, almost always. The 3 of Diamonds is related to brain power. If you get too many ideas, then what happens if they are not grounded? How about scattering? So that’s where this meaning comes from. It comes from making logical inferences about what the cards suggest plus context.

  3. John Roberts Psychic (@thepsychicdoc) says:

    Thank you for your reply Camelia. Yes, I agree that context is essential in most cases, and I understand your intellectual reasoning for choosing the 3 of Diamonds to mean “scatter”. Every cartomancy chooses meanings for many reasons: intellectual, intuitive, arbitrary, or a borrowed meaning from others. However that still leaves the Queen of Spades causing a lot of mischief in this two card spread.

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