Come or go? Continue or leave behind? Approach or distance? We often come across these questions, particularly when we get to see the card of the Charioteer in a reading. The immediate response to this card taken out of context is to say that the Charioteer is all about overcoming a challenge. Within a context,Continue reading “WHAT THE DEVIL”


Last week I performed a reading that went straight in with the client. She was not only happy with the reading, but also confirmed both the situation and the necessity to follow to the letter the advice that the cards have indicated. I reproduce the reading here as I think that others might find itContinue reading “THE FATHER’S HOUSE”


These days I find myself explaining to people interested in consulting the cards with me the difference between the various types of readings that one can opt for and why we read according to size, so to speak. As I distinguish between what I call small focused readings (3-card), medium readings (5-7 cards), large readingsContinue reading “READING REDUX”