Broke, coerced, and bedevilled

I shared the picture above today on my Instagram account, and wrote the following story for it. I’ll quote myself below:

‘I like every aspect of reading cards, for both the usual and not so usual reasons, but I have to say that I never tire of marveling when the cards visually corroborate a story to the minute detail. Here’s a reading I performed today for a woman, who put the following context on my table: ‘My friend is both broke and broken, financially and in the body, but at the same time she is constantly coercing, dominating every aspect of what she imagines is the case. It’s as if she’s full of demons, as not all that she projects is the case.’ Three cards down and we got these: the Tower, the Emperor, and the Devil. ‘What?’, the woman said. ‘That’s right’, I said, pulling two more cards. ‘Cut her loose’, I said, and stop thinking you have an obligation to stay in the loop for her. Her demons are her own. You don’t have to serve them too.’ Needless to say, when the woman wanted to know how the cards could ever possibly fall like that, I winked and said: ‘this is top secret’. In gratitude to the cards, and the ones who dare to ask questions to them.’

Now, why do I cross post here? Simply because in case anyone wants to know my answer to why the cards fall the way they do, beyond the ‘top secret’ thing, they would be well served to peruse my book, What is Not, as the last chapters there say it all.

I won’t even say, ‘go get the book because other people like it,’ as it’s not my style to entice anyone to read a book because of reviews. Who the fuck cares about what others think, when they have an entirely individual and subjective reading experience? I myself only care about what I think, which is the reason why I prefer the first-hand experience to some relayed, dubious impression, for better or worse.

But, and therefore I will say this, if you get What is Not, you will be well served.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year to everyone.

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