Life is all about relationships. Even if you’re monk, your life will still be about a relationship, the one between you and your mind.

On a more mundane level, relationships between lovers are more interesting than the ones between working associates.

Jealousy is more interesting than envy, and the determination to love forever is more interesting than the determination to hate.

So it goes.

When this is said, let’s just say that what makes divination fascinating is when it addresses relationships in a way that goes from the complex to the simple, from secret to its displacement, and from revelation to clean cuts.

You read a string of cards in 3 seconds or less for an old ‘problem’, and you get to experience just what awesomeness the reading of a visual text is.

‘But I want to know what I meant to him’, the lover suffering from nostalgic anguish wants to know.

Snake, Lily, Anchor, Clover, Coffin

‘A sexual persistence that was nothing but an occasion.’


‘So true,’ you hear the sighing lover say, in a low voice.

The question is not about how fast your clean cartomantic cut is. The question is how deep this clean cut makes a cut into the soul of the other, so that the person in front of you goes home with a strong resolve: ‘Up until here and no more.’

Ah, but the way of the heart…

The heart forgets nothing. Until a stronger love comes along. The cure for love is a stronger love. Not your sharp cut.

I always say, may all anguished hearts find that, the stronger love. In its absence, thank god for diviners.

They’ll slash it for you, in spite of everything, so that you can continue to feel the sublime pain that ripples through your heart. After all, nothing has substance.

And yet, such slashing made with a sharp blade will be forever superior to all the displacements and diversions that sad lovers strategize with to ‘fix’ the heart.

The irony is that what you know in your heart is never up for fixing, so that settles it.

Sometimes ‘a sexual persistence that was nothing but an occasion’ will last until the next time. There’s always a next time, precisely because time falls under the exact same category of ‘nothing has substance’.


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Published by Camelia Elias

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  1. This was an amazing read. I’m going to remember this next time I feel discouraged about a reading I do for someone else or myself. A cutting away of what is no longer needed allows room for healing.

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