Yesterday I sent out my Art of Reading newsletter in which I offered a 3-card practice that you read on the vertical, not the horizontal, for this question:

What anchors my focus?

As I had other things to mention and inspire with, and I didn’t want to ruin the spring, floral aesthetics, I offered no example of a reading with the cards.

You can have one here, done spontaneously, while I was having coffee.

Hanged Man, Pope, Justice

My focus is anchored by a very anchor-looking Hanged Man, pulling down with the gravity towards the Pope and Justice.

To have my focus anchored in teaching justly sounds fine to me.

It looks like there’s no contradiction between what I desire and what I actually do about it.

The intriguing part, however, is the Hanged Man, suggesting that when you go headlong into structure and method, without controlling the downwards movement as you didn’t hang yourself like that, you’re bound to reach clarity by default.

I’m not sure what this means, but I like it.

Think about the question you ask. Sometimes the question lends itself better to a layout that goes down, or in a circle, or makes a connection the cylinder way.

It’s not just about deconstructed cards, but also about deconstructing spreads.

Stay in the loop for cartomantic activities. Coming up is Radiant Reading, the advanced module in reading with the Marseille tarot.

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