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Last night I discovered that my standard cards, the hand-stenciled Jean Noblet Marseille Tarot (by Jean Flornoy) that I use for all my client readings, had gone missing. The horror, the horror.

As it was past midnight, I was just about to go to bed, when I found myself in a frenzy, looking for them. I tried to remember when I last used them, a few days ago. I felt punished for having neglected them, due to receiving in the meantime a most precious gift, another set of cards by Jean Noblet, hand painted by Edmund Zebrowsky.

camelia elias, marseille tarot, jean noblet, edmund zebrowsky

I looked everywhere. The cards were gone. I sat down in my chair, and formulated a wish for a dream that would reveal where they were.

There was, however, one more attempt at recovering the cards before bed, via the interpretative arts, namely, horary astrology.

I immediately cast a chart, and the information was all there.

camelia elias, astrology, horary

The cards were at home, quite literally ‘inside’ something.

The significator for the cards was the cusp of the 2nd house, represented here by the Sun.

As the Sun was located exactly on the cusp of the 4th house, I knew that I was going to recover the cards very soon, the 4th being an angular house, strong and fast in readings about recovery.

But inside what? Apart from the house itself, the cusp of the 4th house is the ‘natural’ significator for the home.

I looked at the Moon for the answer. The Moon was located in Cancer in the 12th house, the house of all things hidden – especially your enemies – yet strong enough for clear clues, as the Moon rules Cancer. Making a trine aspect to Neptune in the 9th house (the house of God) was a good sign. Neptune in Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, and where do we find Jupiter? Conjunct the significator for my cards, the Sun. As the Sun applies to Jupiter, meaning, the cards went to this place, I knew exactly what the deal was.

I went, ‘ah,’ and ‘of course’, the cards must be in the pocket of my long rain coat, one that I don’t use too often (this reasoning is based on the fact that the 9th house is cadent, slow and not powerful in charts about recovering anything, hence, the idea of ‘not your regular, as in fast coat’; the 9th house is also the house of clergy, representing folks who wear long coats; Neptune in this house, rain coat).

I went to look inside the pocket of my rain coat. Voilà, I found the cards. Phew.

The point of this? Yes, I keep saying that what we do when we divine is not science. It never has been. Astrology, cartomancy, tasseomancy, bibliomancy, and all the other thinkable and unthinkable mantic arts, are interpretative arts, poetic arts, storytelling arts that keep reminding us that truth is as much a construction as our identity is, as our beliefs are that make us cling to non-existing points of identification.

The beauty of it all is that when we relax about transacting for the so-called truth, we discover that we can find answers precisely to the most unlike questions, the most unthinkable questions.

A string of cards, a horary chart, a natal chart, or an electional chart for checking with your luck of the draw, are all tools that open a door towards opportunity. The opportunity to go beyond. Beyond everything.

Enjoy the art of reading. The most entertaining of all arts.


People ask: Any astrology soon? Maybe. I never quite know what I come up with. But you can stay tuned via my cool, monthly newsletter. Cheers.

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