My best friend K. Frank Jensen got buried today. I wrote a small tribute for him earlier this week in Patheos, about his House of Spirits, generosity, collecting cards, wining and dining.

Today at the funeral I represented my university. I gave thanks for his astonishing and unique collection of cards that he donated to our library.


Most of all, however, I was grateful that his wife Witta, a magical woman, asked me if I had anything that I wanted in the coffin.

I did have something. A card.

I asked Frank once: ‘What is your most favorite Tarot card?’ He said: ‘The Two of Cups in the Waite/Smith Tarot.’

I created a variation and gave it to Witta.

camelia elias, k. frank jensen funeral

While going over the coffin with my gaze today, and trying to imagine where the Wardruna lookalike German undertaker may have placed my card, I thought of Frank lying there, and dressed in the Norwegian sweater I gave him – Witta thought he should be buried in it because he liked it the best.

I thought of the fire, the full moon in Pisces, and the eclipse.

I thought of hearts singing, and my pulse, going on the beat with infinity.

Farewell Frank. I love you. Beyond.

camelia elias, k. frank jensen,

camelia elias, k. frank jensen,

camelia elias, k. frank jensen,



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  1. How beautiful, poignant, rich with memories, colour,hope, and joy.

    Hugs Carmelia.

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