This is how magic works

Yesterday EyeCorner Press and translator Oscar Díaz del Valle mutually agreed on the terms for the translation of my book, Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading, first published in 2014. This introduction to the Marseille Tarot is special to me, not only because it became a much beloved book by many, but also because it triggered more subsequent writings on cartomancy, culminating recently with the Read like the Devil trilogy of books dedicated to the practical aspect of reading the Marseille Tarot, the Lenormand Oracle, and Playing Cards. So, to get this work translated into Spanish after many requests from the Spanish speaking fans, placed me in a happy moment. And then it only got better, because magic was afoot.

The very second that the contract with the proper signatures in place reached me via the email, I was on poetry twitter on my phone. I put the phone aside to acknowledge the email, and then returned to twitter. The first post I laid my eyes on featured a picture of a dedicatory poem that Robert Kelly wrote in honor of Saint Jerome, or Hieronymus, the patron saint of translators on his day.

Via Twitter

Obviously both Oscar and I are doing the right thing here, Justice style. While agreeing on the translation and signing the contract, neither of us were aware of the thing called, The International Day of Translators, when both saints and sinners are celebrated for their ability to move words around, and give them new homes. And yet, as we contributed to this day in our own way, Saint Jerome was also making sure that the two of us, ignorant people, understood what grand magic this is already.

So, Spanish speaking folks. Stay tuned. This translation is happening in auspicious time. May the magic of this find you all in good health and wealth.


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