In the one-on-one program I work with you exclusively.

You offer your readings, and I give you extensive and useful feedback – so useful that both ‘heaven and hell roll into one’, students told me.

I only offer my one-on-one programs to a maximum of 20 people (10 in the ‘all tech’ cartomancy Trio Con Brio, and 10 in the Nonreading program, Cards and Zen). Hence this offer is waitlisted. Email me for available slots.

The encounter between us is via google docs or wordpress.

The idea is to anchor your reading skills in precision and in a sharp way of seeing the image the logical way. This includes prediction, timing, and modes of enchantment.

My aim is to teach you read the cards like the Devil. So far this is a promise I’ve kept.

The course is on a subscription basis, and in principle open ended. You pay on a monthly basis $130.


I do this in two ways: The structured way and the free way.

The free way:

You provide me with whatever cards you read, though there must be a fair balance between the 3-card and the 10-card or more layouts.

What I’m known for is the slashing through it without mercy. All my feedback is on point, thorough, and balanced.


MODULE ONE: (3-9 cards) around 4 themes: love, health, work, money.

The set run consists of a total of 16 readings.

You can spread these out over 4, 8, or 16 sessions as you see fit.

The more readings you do per session, the less feedback you get on each reading.

If you go for 16 readings spread over 16 sessions, or lessons, then the feedback for each is more extensive, than if you do 4 readings per session.

You set your own pace.

If you’re not entirely new to Lenormand, you may choose to do 2 readings per session and finish the first module in 4 months. But you may also choose the intensive, 4 readings per session and finish in 2 months.

It’s all up to you.


The themes are as above.

Once the modules are completed, you’re welcome to continue beyond, for as long as you want.



In this module we practice the 3-card, 5-card, 7-card and 9-card readings in a set of 4X4.

You deliver readings pertaining to the following categories. My feedback enriches your readings, as it involves demonstrating what you’re missing, if you’re missing something, and hence why your prediction, or general insight, didn’t come to pass or hold any water.

  • LOVE (4 readings: 3, 5, 7, 9 card followed by feedback)
  • HEALTH (4 readings: 3, 5, 7, 9 card followed by feedback)
  • WORK (4 readings: 3, 5, 7, 9 card followed by feedback)
  • MONEY (4 readings: 3, 5, 7, 9 card followed by feedback)

The 4 topic readings will be based on the use of traditional approaches to reading the cards:

  • Simple 3-card without significator
  • Simple 5-card without significator, focus on mirrors
  • Simple 7-card with significator, focus on symmetry, in-line progression
  • The square of 9 cards, with and without significator



The 4 readings here are all Grand Tableau with focus on the following:

  • Theme (love, money, health, work)
  • Timing (history, prediction, election)


$130 / month

Stay on as long as you like. But it is best to be onboard for at least 20 lessons.

EMAIL me to inquire about available slots, or see a sample lesson from a one-on-one interaction first.

For a subscription based program (bi-monthly lessons), check out also my Nonreading mentor class, a play with cards and nondualism, inspired by Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.


“You didn’t simply help me train my reading method, you taught me how to think.”

– RYAN EDWARD, creator of the popular Maybe Lenormand pack on taking Lenormand, Marseille, and playing cards lessons.

More testimonials here.


Do I need to know anything about working with the Lenormand cards?

Not necessarily. But in order to understand the fundamental ideas in working with the Lenormand cards you need to acquaint yourself with my method. Check this seminal post that has influenced many readers, as well as a number of others here.

I participate in a number of online groups. How is your feedback process different from what I already get there?

Do people talk common sense in these discussion groups? Lucky you. Do they appreciate it when you challenge their assumptions? You are twice lucky. You don’t need me. But if your answer is ‘no, I’m not sure if people are making any sense apart from expressing random opinions on the internet, and no, I’m actually not sure that they don’t get upset and take it personally if I challenge them’, then you have come to the right place. You are welcome to challenge me, and you are welcome to demonstrate that what I say to you doesn’t hold any water. In my classroom we talk sense, not exchange opinions.

Do I get a certificate after completion?

Yes. If you desire one. I issue a statement of acknowledgement of your achievements with the ARADIA ACADEMY stamp. I’m happy to endorse you and recommend you too.

There are similar course tracks for tuition on reading with the Marseille Cards or Playing-Cards.

See a sample lesson from a one-on-one interaction on the Grand Tableau.


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