September must be the student month. School has started again, after summer, and people are eager to learn. Yesterday I got a request from another student, who would like to see more three-card readings for which the full Marseille tarot deck is employed. It’s nice to see that there’s interest in the Anglo-American world inContinue reading “TAROT DE MARSEILLE: 10 READINGS”

DOES IT WORK? Yoav Ben Dov’s work

Today something new. Although I don’t do reviews of new decks here at Taroflexions, on occasion I do mention new productions, but only in the context of reading the cards. I’m not interested in history when I do divination, hence, what I go for is the following question: Does it work? If a deck doesn’tContinue reading “DOES IT WORK? Yoav Ben Dov’s work”


Some like to use the Lenormand cards to talk about karma. Well, guess what? It exists. Everything exists in the cards. As I like to say, if you’re looking for monsters, you’re going to see monsters. If you’re looking for angels, you’re gonna see those too. Here are two of my favorite examples from questionsContinue reading “LENORMAND KARMA”


Something struck me today. Something was missing from the cartomantic community. A voice, or some voice anyway, that registers the sentiment, or as za French say, le sentiment, around what’s happening in the world of cards. I decided to try my hand at it, and in collaboration with the cards, see if I could answerContinue reading “ONE-LINERS”