Today I’m feeling generous, but also quite humble. As I keep getting positive feedback on my essay in the collection put together by Todd Landman under the title The Magiculum (available on all amazon channels), I’ve decided to make my contribution available online, as a pdf for free. Some of the comments I’ve received pertainContinue reading “ACROSS THE HEDGE”


I’ve been digging a bit into my family history on a certain ancient event that turned into a well-kept secret. Not long ago I even held a nice little séance with my sister when we were scrying our heads off, while also drumming, reading tarot, and doing western geomancy. The session was inconclusive. But IContinue reading “INCUBATION”


For my grandfather, who died at the tender age of 47, a mad man. When my sister comes to visit me and I’m alone with my dog, we work. By this I mean that we do stuff that most people don’t. What we are particularly good at is detective work. We dig into issues andContinue reading “FAMILY SECRET”