In a recent discussion with Rachel Pollack about inspiration, I suggested that we look at the etymology of the word. From Latin, inspirare, to be inspirited or to inspire, inspiration means not only ‘to breathe,’ but also to receive divine guidance when breathing in a certain way. What is thus suggested in this word isContinue reading “BURNING SERPENT”


One of the most rewarding aspects in consulting with divinatory tools consists of realizing that you CAN help others with their questions, and that you CAN say something about the way in which others get a clearer sense of their purpose in life. In this sense I regard the predictive aspect in divination as active,Continue reading “PURPOSE”


September must be the student month. School has started again, after summer, and people are eager to learn. Yesterday I got a request from another student, who would like to see more three-card readings for which the full Marseille tarot deck is employed. It’s nice to see that there’s interest in the Anglo-American world inContinue reading “TAROT DE MARSEILLE: 10 READINGS”


I distinguish between two kinds of work: cards in your face and cards in your soul – the latter in the tradition of soulmaking à la William Blake and Walt Whitman, when we interested in knowing whether the perception of a certain thought we entertain – joyful, or suicidal – is actually ‘reality’. Regardless ofContinue reading “SOULWORK”


I must be on a roll. I keep getting questions for clarification and appreciations from folks, related to the theme of being truthful in a reading session. Thank you people, for engaging with these texts (Card Readers and Truth in Cards) So, here’s what I’ve just told someone: There is Truth and then there isContinue reading “TRUTH AND BEAUTY”