In the latest issue of The Playing-Card Thierry Depaulis makes the following remark in a footnote on the first page of his essay: “The Tarot de Marseille: Facts and Fallacies” pertaining to the meaning of ‘Tarotist’. While he rightly points out one of the cultural differences between the different approaches to tarot, he neglects toContinue reading “TAROTIST: A NAME”


Often in my consultancy with cards I find myself in a state of exasperation. ‘Decision-making is enabled by looking at the bottom-line. You can’t run from the bottom-line,’ I tell people, and they retort, ‘But that’s the problem. I don’t know what the bottom-line is.’ Fair enough. Personally, and giving my experiences and inclinations, IContinue reading “BOTTOM-LINES”


Magic and ethics, that’s the question, or is it? Although I don’t want to make a big fuss about it, I want to make a quick point that might inspire others to think about what they are saying when they utter the words ‘magic and ethics.’ While I have been fortunate enough to have undergoneContinue reading “TAROT AND MAGIC”