I must be on a roll. I keep getting questions for clarification and appreciations from folks, related to the theme of being truthful in a reading session. Thank you people, for engaging with these texts (Card Readers and Truth in Cards) So, here’s what I’ve just told someone: There is Truth and then there isContinue reading “TRUTH AND BEAUTY”


Family gatherings become much more interesting if everyone decides to take the host’s lead and sit in a circle. Start drumming. Then read cards. Any cards. The question is the hardest, as they say, and I believe that. But here’s a method that works every time. When in doubt, let the cards decide what theContinue reading “FAMILY CIRCUS”


I’ve been digging a bit into my family history on a certain ancient event that turned into a well-kept secret. Not long ago I even held a nice little séance with my sister when we were scrying our heads off, while also drumming, reading tarot, and doing western geomancy. The session was inconclusive. But IContinue reading “INCUBATION”