The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine is a new contribution to the world of mainstream, fantasy and science-fiction themed tarots by Caitlin and John Matthews, and illustrated by Will Kingham. As the subtitle announces, there’s a focus on wisdom. Caitlin and John Matthews write with clarity and incisive pondus and takeContinue reading “STEAMPUNK TAROT”

DOES IT WORK? Yoav Ben Dov’s work

Today something new. Although I don’t do reviews of new decks here at Taroflexions, on occasion I do mention new productions, but only in the context of reading the cards. I’m not interested in history when I do divination, hence, what I go for is the following question: Does it work? If a deck doesn’tContinue reading “DOES IT WORK? Yoav Ben Dov’s work”


I’m editing 3 creative academic books right now, due to appear shortly with EyeCorner Press. One is on a revaluation of Buddhism: Cruel Theory: Sublime Practice, one on the Beat generation writers, Pilgrims to Elsewhere, and one on poetry, Linguistick, written by a familiar of Taroflexions, Enrique Enriquez. They are all good. In line withContinue reading “ELOQUENCE”


Questions that elicit a yes/no answer have always been popular in any card reading setting – from reading with playing-cards to reading with oracle or tarot cards. I have written a few posts about this previously, but as I’m getting inquires about how we can gather more information on a topic that could basically beContinue reading “LENORMAND GEMOT: 2 METHODS FOR 13 CARDS”


There are several ways of learning about my method:  Take a foundation course at Aradia Academy Read my books with EyeCorner Press, particularly the Read Like the Devil trilogy Check also my book What is Not: Marseille Tarot à la Carte (2019) that expands in depth the Read Like the Devil style of cartomancy taking pointContinue reading “MY METHOD”


Part of my academic research is dedicated to looking at Tarot as a cultural text. What does this mean? This means that I look at how the visual language of Tarot intersects with cultural precepts about a given phenomenon, a type, an archetype, a relation (of class, gender, race, sex), reality, magic, and the physicalContinue reading “RAINBOW SWORD”