Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading

EyeCorner Press – January 2015

Available at Amazon US CA UK FR DE and many others.

The book is printed on premium color paper (color interior too).

Enjoy it, and if you get it let me know what you think. Thanks!


The book aims to cover four basic questions:

  • Why do we read cards?
  • What’s so special about the Marseille Tarot?
  • How can the cards uncover our blind spots?
  • What does it mean to live a magical life, when we allow the stories that the cards tell us to offer solutions to our real problems?

For each description of the cards there’s an interpretation that combines the cunning-folk method of reading the cards – based on making logical inferences about the meaning of the cards – and the visual argument method, which relies on the subjective and individual art of perceiving.

The book is also the first to introduce the readers to the wonderful and strange cards of Carolus Zoya, a most rare and unseen Tarot de Marseille deck made in Turin at the end of 1700s.

In a certain way this book is not only about the art of reading the image, semiotics, and the poetics of cartomancy, but also a book that engages with the card maker, Carolus Zoya, through storytelling.

. . . . . .

For fun, watch this trailer, and then, of course, buy the book. Thank you all in the cartomantic community, and elsewhere too, for your support. It’s good to know when we can be useful. Keep up the enthusiasm, and keep going.


“Marseilles Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading is a must-have addition to the bookshelves of anyone who works with historic decks and unillustrated pips.

The author has given profuse examples of divinatory encounters, giving both question and card response with laconic vigour: Camelia is not a reader from the school of tarot longeur!  The cards speak cartomantically and colloquially, with a ‘take it or leave it’ speed, which is very much to my own taste.”

– Caitlin Matthews in Soundings (read the whole review, as it also covers both my cartomantic books)


“Reading this book was like sitting down with a wise and experienced older sister who shares her lifetime’s experience reading the cards. Packed with practical advice, the book is a load of dynamite disguised as an inexpensive paperback.”

– Sherryl Smith, in Tarot Herritage


“Towards the Art of Reading” is a very insightful and helpful book and indispensable in correcting the manifold ways of ridiculous card decks and questionable approaches to reading the Tarot. Absolutely recommended!”

– Walter Brown on Amazon UK


Camelia Reads Cards Like the Devil

“Camelia belongs to the kind of people who are one step ahead of their own mind, yet she reaches cunning fox speed by remaining always in the present. Reading her book ‘Marseille Tarot. Towards the Art of Reading’ we learn that all what is real must culminate in action and, like laughter, the tarot can only be experienced in motion.”

– Enrique Enriquez, Review on EyeCorner Press FB Page and Amazon US


“MARSEILLE TAROT: TOWARDS THE ART OF READING, is even more amazing than Camelia’s blog. Her manner of writing reveals the cards in a more intimate way than I have ever seen in another book. The meanings are all there of course, but so is a list of what that card might mean when it appears with others – a feature I have not seen in Tarot books before, and one which gets to the heart of this style of reading [. . . ] If you are at all interested in the Marseille Tarot, or even just in a more natural, fluid, and down-to-earth style of reading whatever deck you currently use, this book is a must have.”

– Jason Miller in Inominandum


“I appreciate the directness, clarity, and certainty of purpose expressed in Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading.  These qualities renew my hope that there is more to be said and carried out in this enjoyable and noble profession.”

– James Wells in Circle Ways


“Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading by Camelia Elias was delivered today. I am very much enjoying it already. I like the style and Camelia’s respect for the question, the way each card is looked at for itself and for its community representation. — Excellent book. I just finished reading tonight. I heartily endorse the remarks about being a diviner – truth, not pleasantries, and results based upon the question. Yes!”

Caitlín Matthews on FB


“This book is well written, beautifully formatted, with a stunning full color interior and a list of references that impresses! It is packed with information that is meant to be put to use. Whether you are a beginning student, a Tarot Sage, or somewhere in-between, you will find wisdom and value in this book.”

– Bonnie Cehovet in Perspectives on Tarot and Amazon Review


“Camelia’s one of my favorite sources for all things Tarot de Marseille. My copy just arrived today. I’m sitting with it while sipping Argentine Malbec. Even at first glance, it’s spectacular. I trust deeper dives will reveal buckets of solid smartness. If you’re at all interested in the Tarot de Marseille, grab this book with the quickness. Did I mention the gorgeous color interior? Yeah. That. This is a book done right.”

– Fabeku Fatunmise on FB


“I never thought a book on the Tarot could be a “page turner”, but Camellia Elias ‘ book on the Marseille is such a one. This book is refreshingly exciting.”

– George Kouri, Review on Amazon


“Enjoying Camelia Elias’s superb book. Recommended to all TDM lovers.”

– Serge Pirotte on FB


“This book is a treasure, not only to myself, but to world of cards. So concise, but covers most everything from magical theory to practical pips. Finally, something to hold in my hand away from an internet connection.” —  “Just as she quotes Einstein in the beginning, Camelia has provided a perfectly simple introduction to the Tarot, but not any simpler.”

– Ryan Capogreco on FB, and Amazon review


“This is a book to keep at hand at all times. To read it once, from cover to cover, and try to pick up all that you can. And then leave it for a while, while its teachings sink into your mind and are properly digested. This is a book to be read slowly, little by little. As if you were savouring a nice port. Even though it is written in a practical, direct manner, it is packed with information, and some things will become clear with successive readings. It is profundly illustrated, so you know what is being discussed. The images, photographed from the Carolus Zoya’s version of the Marseille deck are alluring and inviting.
Even if you’re not a Marseille adept, the combination of the images with Camelia’s prose will seriously make you consider using it.”

– Bhima Beausoleil in Maelstrom


“Camelia Ellias has written a valuable, useful, interesting, and enjoyable book for all Tarot Readers who read or learning to read the Marseille Tarot. A book that will be on my table and one that I’ll refer to. Loved it and how it was about reading the story in the cards. I like the advice too for readers.”

– Veronica Chamberlain, Amazon CA review, and on FB


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17 thoughts on “MY MARSEILLE BOOK

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      He he, of course you have. Next to your wife, you’re the first one I’ve shown these images too. BTW. Your comment here came in just as I was standing with my 2015 glass in my hand, on the 00.00 dot. Clockwork magic. So, thank you, mister master silversmith. Kisses to you and your wild ones – including Dana, of course. Dana above all wild ones.

  1. kitkasmom says:

    I got your book this month, and it is wonderful! There has been a real need for a TdM book that demonstrates how to read cards, and Toward the Art of Reading fulfills this need beautifully. Your pithy prose and plentiful examples are really helping me learn to weave readings as a whole and meaningful “thing,” not just memorization of encyclopedic meanings. I gave you a 5-star rating and review on Amazon under my name, Kitkasmom. I look forward to acquiring The Oracle Travels Light next month! Thanks again!

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Ah, thank you so much for your kindness, and for your time to leave such a wonderful review on amazon. It’s wonderful to see when people get what I’m trying to do, and enjoy it too.

      I hope you’ll find the Oracle Travels Light equally useful. All best, Camelia

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Hi Antonio, The Carolus Zoya deck is not available, I’m afraid to say. It has never been published as a deck, as it’s unique in the world and the collector is not interested in commercial use. But he generously gave me permission to use it. I would recommend that you get the Jean Noblet Marseille Tarot from

  2. monica says:

    If it is not possible to do the course in Spanish, I would like to do it anyway. Could you send me information about the cost? Thank you♥

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      Hi Monica, the course is in English. Registration for the Marseille course is closed now, but will reopen in January. The cost is around $180 for 7 sessions. There’s also one-on-one tuition, but I have a long waiting list for that one, about one year waiting time. The cost for that is $130 per month, as it includes feedback on everything you produce. Check the description of the courses on my website, under Courses. Cheers, and thanks for your interest.

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