Consider subscribing to my mentor program. There is a waiting list for this one, so just contact me to inquire about what’s possible.

Usually I make myself available to the bold and the radical.

A 130$ fee per month will get you bi-monthly lessons (usually on the 1st and the 15th), with point of departure in something that is close to what you want to do, or know: Cards, magic, the magic of living, with the cards and without the cards.

You ask the question, or present me with a concern or idea you want to clarify or develop, and I give you my best shot in a coherent and focused way.

I devise assignments for you that will make you think very hard and act very promptly. These assignments are aligned with what I observe you need and my own core practice.

I’m good with the following: balance, power, diplomacy, and inspiration. These form the backbone to everything I do.

If we do cards, my trademark is the slashing of throats. My samurai sword is always hot and bloody. My dedicated students love me in quiet terror. I teach in this way because at the end of ‘all the way’ miracles await: The students’ finest work dedicated to me. Such dedication makes my life as a teacher worth the while.

Generally if we have balance, power, and wisdom, and a sharp eye for everything, we know what to do when we find inspiration. We have everything. We cut to the bones and live an honest life.


“How can I explain lessons from Camelia? I’m in the chair, I must pay attention, I’m captured by all the info she generously shares, she pulls me back from straying, makes me use my brain, calls on my shit, explains it all in detail, and she makes the cards this lively dance. Camelia teaches how to see the language, the story, art, colours, magic, movement, and words emerge from the cards.”




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