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I offer here a series of 11 Tarot prompts, sent to your inbox for 11 days in a row. There are two tracks: one for individuals (110 $, and you can sign up any time, use the button below) and one for groups (22 $ per person, you wait for the call via the newsletter).

What people have said about this is that the prompts not only knock your socks off, but they are downright life changing.


A lot of the people who come to me have a real hard time with what I like to call ‘the real question’, or the question that can answer a whole lot of other small questions. They can’t think of one. For sure there is always one there, buried inside some Pandora’s Box, but it own’t come out unless prompted by special circumstance.

It’s easy with the mundane, predictive orientated question, such as: ‘Will I get the job?’ but as soon as you have to ask yourself what THE most fundamental question FOR YOU is, then it’s not so easy anymore. Why? Because in order for you to get to that point, you must undergo a whole lot of cultural unlearning, a whole lot of detachment from your aversions and resentments, and a whole lot of humbling. Do you do that regularly?

I didn’t think so.

So, here’s the deal. Dip your toe in the pool of cards. I’ll ask the cards to pose a question on your behalf. I ask the cards to surprise you. You don’t have to do anything, other than react. ‘Wow’ is pretty common. ‘Meh’ can also occur, but when it does, it discloses just how tight you are.

Where are you stuck? What is your need? What are you afraid of?


As these days I’m testing putting more systematic value on what I’m really good at outside of mainstream societal consecrations of all sorts, I’m offering these 11 solid readings for a question formulated on the basis of the cards, so that we get en even stronger sense of how important questions are. Especially the ones that disrupt our habitual patterns.

You can think of these 11 readings as a cartomantic surprise that will make you think, and then want to live in accordance with that thinking. You can regard this as a form of visual bibliomancy, enabling you to live magically.


For the customized individual track (for the group offering, read below), you can leave your impression as a comment to each prompt. I use this web platform for the purpose. I give you feedback on each impression.

This way we get to exchange the ‘pain point,’ and enhance the action needed to meet that pain point blank.


When I send out a call for a series of prompts for a whole group, I often devise a collective theme, such as: ‘how we love’, ‘solitude’, ‘death’, ‘your bad hair day’, or ‘your name’.

The group can enjoy the same privilege of feedback, and experience the others participating in receiving the prompts offer a comment. I do not commit to giving feedback to all involved, but if someone in the group offers something fascinating about the cards, I will engage with the idea.




When the great essentializer is at work, we may struggle with ‘what happens afterwards’. A good thing the woman with the book can remind us of some wisdom that has been written down.

How do you transmit your vulnerability? Are you coherent about it? Are the words forced out of your mouth?

If you struggle, you may want to just keep silent. Use the medium of the book for transmission, the written word. Sometimes verbal discretion can pay off. Let the pen guide you.


I should think there’s enough in the question above to keep you busy for a while, or at least until the next day, when I’ll hit you with another prompt.

Try it. See how this can inspire you to ask possibly the right question for 11 days in a row.

What I offer here is a reversal. You don’t ask questions of the cards, but rather, you let the cards ask you something in turn, and then you live accordingly. Think of this as a way of learning something about the art of acceptance and grace.

For more examples, browse the 11 posts here and get a sense of a whole cycle. Imagine getting one of these in your inbox for 11 days. It made some people not only happy but very thoughtful and action oriented.


Given the individual feedback I’ve got from folks, ranging from such exclamations: ‘How can I live without this?’ to ‘this is simply perfect and timely’, it looks like the prompts address specific issues, in spite of being generated outside of stated concerns before hand.

But then that’s the whole point: To let chance dictate the choice of action.

Perhaps you can also go from exclaiming: ‘Damn, why didn’t I think of that one before!’ to ‘Damn, that was a good decision I made today.’ Hop on the prompting board, and join the choir:

‘The coolness and excellence of this cannot be overstated! Thanks for doing it! ‘– STEVE SCHREIBER

PROMPT ME | 110 $



Prompts are available for groups. I send out a call via my newsletter – join for free – and I start a collective prompting. The price is 22 $ per person.

You can wait for the collective call, or get the customized cycle that involves personal feedback from me on your daily experience (use the pay now button above).


For regular readings, check some options HERE.

You can ask predictive questions: ‘Will buying this car damage my current financial situation?’, action-oriented questions: ‘How can I best prepare to score this job interview?’, love questions: ‘How can I align my love for him with what he needs?’, or health questions: ‘What’s up with my vitality?’ In principle you can ask any question at all, as long as it comes from a deeply seated desire to know how to navigate live.


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