Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading
Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading, EyeCorner Press


  • You have a blind spot? I help you fix it.
  • You have no purpose? I help you find it.
  • You want magic? I help you get it.


They answer questions. Not only that, but they also teach us to be better at asking the really good questions. The questions that map our concerns beyond our fears.

An Idea to Think About

What I aim for in all my readings is to give people an idea to work with. That’s all.

Some time ago I read the cards for someone. ‘Nope,’ I said. ‘It doesn’t look like it. Period.’

After 3 months since the reading, the person wrote me the following, after giving me a very concise report including all the details: ‘So, there you go, you were right! But you already knew it, didn’t you?’

Well, I can’t say I knew it, but the cards showed it.

About those predictive readings that some are so afraid of:

The fortuneteller never predicts. She reads the cards. Period.

camelia elias, one-liner tarot


  • I’m efficient, to the point, neutral, and balanced.
  • I see right through everything, yet deliver a message in a compassionate and super non-judgemental way.
  • What I see, you see.

The Principle

I read your cards according to the principle of paying attention. I pay attention to the obvious.

You make your choices in accordance.

Most people usually say, ‘No shit. This is very, very good.’

And so it is.

  • Depending on what the need is, I craft solutions. Most are invaluable, but folks find them worth paying for in monetary terms.
  • My solutions are not always mainstream. They are for the small fish business, for the soul and what pains it. For uncovering blind spots.

As others said: ‘Camelia reads the cards like the Devil.‘ For more testimonials of this kind, please visit the main page here.

Meanwhile, email me and have your questions answered. I’d be delighted to work with you.

camelia elias, magic, tarot, oracle travels lightRATES

For paying directly via paypal for each individual reading, please visit the page Book a Reading at my main website.


  • One-liner (a 3-card reading in one snappy line) or a series of 11 Tarot prompts. For the one-liner I answer your question. For the tarot prompt, you get one question from me, contextualized as a reading, for 11 days in a row.- $ 22
  • Small focused readings (3-card) – $ 30
  • Medium readings (5-7 cards) – $ 50
  • Large readings (9-13 cards) – $ 70
  • Tableaus (36-52 cards) –  $ 150
  • A combined 3-card reading with a horary astrology chart – $ 100
  • For a special treat combining spellcrafting with stellar magic, see my offer: THE ART OF STEALING
  • For a card of enchantment, see my offer: ENCHANTMENTS


  • 60 min. – $100 (usually a 5-card reading including concrete advice for action, which face to face, can be quite blasting)


  • How to make it bigger, brighter, and better? I combine a grand tableau reading with some other card variations or enchantments – usually from $500.



My Real Job takes care of itself. I comply with the rules of reforms and bureaucracy, however stupid, and pay my dues to Caesar. I teach students to ask questions. I myself try to get better at formulating questions.

  • What is really interesting?
  • Does it have a soul?
  • Is it really useful in that way which bypasses capitalism and self-promotion and self-interest? I’m all for self-promotion and self-interest, but it has to go somewhere. Some real sharing must be at the heart of it.

My Dream Job is all about getting folks to realize that they can ask the real, dream questions. The questions that move mountains. The ones that disturb. The ones that send you to hell to find the holy grail.


If you don’t know what to ask, check out my Tarot Prompts program and get inspired. This is a cycle of 11 readings of cards that you get in your email box for 11 days. Instead of your posing a question to the cards, the cards pose a question to you.

camelia elias, tarot prompts



I often tell people that the tarot is not about believing in anything. The Tarot is a visual and poetic language that enables us to respond to an embodied situation presented in the cards. We see what the characters are doing, and we are invited to imitate them. It’s the best kind of learning. And the wisest. The cards tell you what you already know and what you don’t know. As soon as you see the relation between knowing and not knowing articulated in images, you get infinitely smarter.


Cards show, rather than tell. Many cards on the table show a lot of information. I like to read a grand tableau with the Lenormand cards. All 36 cards. Reading the grand tableau is like reading a story that sits in the eye, and yet from the corner of the eye we can see how a parallel, stronger, and sharper story may emerge. I absolutely love the brain equilibristics that goes into a nuanced reading.

Another popular spread with the Lenormand cards is the 9-card. Many go for this magical square, as it allows for some detailed information to emerge that backs up the evidential information that we receive from the cards.


I also like the straight-forwardness of plain playing-cards. I can read anything here, from a 3-card to a grand tableau with all 52 cads on the table. Another popular spread is one with 13 cards in it that I call the council of 13. This one gives incredibly sharp information, and and can be quite merciless.


In my readings I sometimes like to employ art cards, that is, cards that are spin offs of Tarot cards. Sets such as the German Der Akron Tarot or the French Louttre B Tarot are highly revealing of the work that we can engage with at the level of our creative genius. In fact, since most of the time our creative genius lives in our shadow, I find that by contemplating such works of art, we get a chance to confront our fears and desires in both subtle and direct ways.


1) If the questions have a future orientation and are pragmatic in kind, then I insist that I read what the cards say about that in the very present moment that I read them. If I say, ‘the cards don’t suggest that you’ll be making a lot of money by selling crystals,’ I urge people to heed attention, and perhaps try to change the lack of fortune by making some other concrete plans for survival in the here and now. I have as yet to hear that people have regretted that advice, though on occasion, I’ve had some become very upset by what they perceived as a lack of support and compassion from my side when I suggested that they killed their darlings. But I’m not in the business of telling people that ‘everything is awesome, go ahead with the hopeless plan’, when that is not the case.

2) If people ask questions pertaining to their passions and purpose in life, in addition to what the cards concretely say about that, I may offer the type of counsel one encounters in the more academically consecrated circles, such as psychoanalysis. Usually I assess to what extent such contribution is either needed or relevant (my professional orientation here is primarily Lacanian). For a spiritual approach, I employ core shamanism or other nature oriented solutions, from cunning-folk style to Druidism (my shamanic training and seidr practice have been consolidated through work with Annette Høst, Jonathan Horwitz, and the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies. I’m also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids).


As I read for a purpose, I need your question to be formulated as concretely and specific as possible. An open-ended question is also better than a yes/no question, as it yields more information. For instance, instead of asking: ‘Will I get this job?’ (yes, no), you’ll get more out of the cards if you asked: ‘What will it take for me to get this job?’ or something similar.

Once you make an option, you will receive your reading by email, chat, skype, phone, or in person. Have a look at some options below that may suit your needs, time, and space. I take a fee for my time, and because I don’t want people to feel indebted to me.


Quick and convenient. You will receive a reading providing the answers to your question(s) in a precise, concise, and concrete manner, delivered to your inbox within 48 hours after receiving your request. Readings are sent in Adobe pdf as an attachment.


These types of readings allow for more time and personal interaction. These sessions also provide you with the opportunity to ask follow up questions on your reading. These readings can have a consulting function.

I also offer a special sequence of sessions. Ask for one.


“No one, and I mean, no one reads a grand tableau with the Lenormand cards like you do. Thank you.” Tammy Maroon, USA.

“Just wanted to tell you how accurate the reading you did for me not too long ago was. It was pretty accurate and helped to give me great guidance. As always, you do great readings.” D.D, USA

“You are always right.” Fernanda Jose, Portugal

“You’ll become an establishment.” Patrick Rowan Blackburn., Denmark

“You have to take these cards everywhere, to work, to pubs, to friends, to colleagues. There are people out there who need what you can do for them.” Richard Ellis, UK

“Your hands-on readings pierce through a lot of veils.” J.W., Jamaica

“Tarot is great! Camelia made me discover it and I use it like a kind of psychoanalytic session. It’s incredible what it does to people, using the cards and old symbols to make unconscious things conscious.” Solange Leibivici, Holland

. . . . . and many more. For more public statements and endorsements of the ‘outstanding’, ‘excellent,’ ‘awesome’ and ‘unique’ kind, check the comments to some of my posts on the Lenormand grand tableau, the 9-card spreads, the council of 13, and others, or visit my hub’s landing page. Enjoy!


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  1. Is there a price for checking a reading you did on your own with you?

    • Hi Anna, yes, I play the role of the cartomancy doctor too. The fee is set according to the type of reading you’ve performed, the standard ranging from 30 to 50$. Large tableaus more. Drop me an email, if you’re interested, describing the size of your reading.

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