I have a passion for cartomancy. This is a blog about reading cards: playing-cards, Tarot de Marseille, contemporary tarot, Lenormand, and some other oracles.

With a pack of cards in my hands, I ask questions, nasty questions, and cut through situations like through soft cheese.

I use the cards as a tool to turn people’s life upside down.

I penetrate right through fears and desires and give readers and seekers of my advice, a starting point:

Is this fear your reality? If it isn’t, then why do you give it space? To accomplish what?

The courage you need to leave your relationship? Or to mend it?

The faith you need to leave your job?

The trust you need to go through a healing?

Fear accomplishes nothing.

When working with me, most people often say: ‘No shit. This is very good.’

And so it is.

All the examples here come from real life situations and reading sessions.

Some people want to be mentioned, others want to stay anonymous. I’m grateful to all who come to me, and inspire me with their questions.

I like to engage with the image at its own level, keep it simple, and pose questions. The cards tell you what you already know and what you don’t know. As soon as you see the relation between knowing and not knowing articulated in images, you get infinitely smarter. Therefore the cards are always right. If the outcome is ‘wrong’ it’s only because I’ve missed something. And why are the cards right? Because they speak poetry. Because they invite me to ‘look’ rather than state an opinion.

I like to say that fortunetelling participates in both, the creation of events and telling something about those events. As such, fortunetelling is above what we call ‘accurate’ or ‘truthful’ reading. The fortuneteller reads the cards, not the future, people, body language, and so on. For a little anecdote on this, go here.


I also write here about how I create cards and sigils on cards and talismanic magic – to the extent that I have the liberty to talk about it. The magical art connected to card divination, sigils and talismans interests me a great deal.

On occasion, I devise custom rituals and visualizations connected either with personal path working, or with events where invocations are done. Recently I have completed one such order for a festival in Prag, PsyHigh. Many people attended and followed my Earth ritual. I like that.

As a special treat, I have made a few talismanic rings following Picatrix and Agrippa, using electional and horary astrology, the latter, another passion.

I have designed 2 card-decks, which are now available for purchase as talismanic objects. They are printed on very special paper that Canson Infinity makes. You may have a look at my posts A Helium Poet Lenormand and The Oracle of the Fables where I describe how I came to make them. Sigils on cards are also available, in addition to my services in divination. Have a look at my Enchantments page.


Generally, I’m interested in poetic language. It is for this reason that I can combine research into poetry and consecrated poets with research into fortunetelling, the history of playing-cards, and the less reputable diviners. As I see all divination as a form of poetry, it is easy to make the link between sensitive folk and cunning folk. The same goes for poetry. I regard poetry as a form of inspiration that has the power to act as spell work.

When reading cards or casting a horary chart, what we do is primarily participate in creating a story. But this storytelling has a purpose: to answer specific questions. On the other hand, the quality of being able to tell a story can also transcend the mundane life and its concerns. It brings us to magical dimensions. That’s something to appreciate and live for.

I read cards, teach cards, and create sigils and talismans for fun and wisdom.


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