Things and ideas on a plate

I actually like Black Friday. Those who can’t afford ‘the thing,’ can now enjoy it at considerable discounts. I thought about the ones who put effort into making ‘the thing.’ I felt grateful for their valiant attitude. One takes responsibility for how a thing measures up against standards in a different way than one does when one merely sells ideas. I know this because I’m engaged in both the world of making things and the world of inspiring through ideas. Making things with your own hands requires a spine that the head full of ideas doesn’t have.

As Thanksgiving has been upon the many friends and acquittances I have in the US, I participated in both watching people express gratitude and making a few generous offers myself across the board and in various forms. For instance, I bought books on Black Friday – again – and sent people to a freshly restocked Read Like the Devil shop. I had red howlings and silver halides on the menu in addition to other quirky things.

Regarding gratitude, here’s what I think, quite contrary to the popular opinion. You don’t need lessons in gratitude. What you need is remembrance. Remembrance of how to appreciate the world of things and the world of the people invested in making the things that you either need or desire. What you don’t need is a world of ideas instructing you in how you can show gratitude by buying self-validating thoughts. Talk is cheap. Cheaper than the whole concept of Black Friday itself.

Today is Saturday. I played with the unique Carolus Zoya deck that I received as an act of gratitude for my work with the cards. I remembered to appreciate the maker. In my mind I thanked everyone who has ever bought both the first book that showcased this deck, Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading, and the latest that displays this deck in a different form, Tarot for Romeo and Juliet, now also out as paperback.

I also remembered to thank all those who got my own decks inspired by the Carolus Zoya cards, the Arcades Tarot and the non-commercially distributed Tarot Interdit that only a handful of people got. Generally I thanked everyone who got my things and my ideas alike.

Prompted by how much I invest in making things and coming up with ideas, I looked at my cards to get a sense of priority. I live off ideas, but I also like to make things. Sometimes I run out of time, and I can’t dedicate myself to both as much as I’d like. Ever so apt, the Carolus Zoya originals gave me this set of pictures:

And suggested the following: ‘rely on the love and affection of the men of love in your life. They like your work. You’re both the woman who makes things and the woman who has ideas. At the top, however, is the slot machine. In goes a coin and out comes the materia that you can use to give form.’

Temperance in the wings says: ‘keep making things and the ideas about what form to give them in balance.’

Yes, Sir, Carolus Zoya. You may be old, but you’re still as fresh as the most handsome seducer.

Before I forget, here’s the latest book featuring these cards, both the fine edition and the paperback. Enjoy!

Stay in the loop on cartomantic activities at Aradia Academy. For an artful approach to talismanic magic, visit on occasion the shop that connects my reading consultancy, the world of ideas, with making things.


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