The problem is called grief

‘When you move slowly and then all of a sudden into the dark, you grieve.’ That’s it. That’s the line I delivered today. ‘How?’ the person wanted to know, expecting me to say something about how grief can be vanquished, or dispersed like the clouds. ‘You grieve by staying with the problem. It’s your staying-power that gets you out of the rut, not the banishing.’ This is not easy to understand, as most internalize their grievance precisely as a concept, but if one gets past that, to seeing grief as more than a concept that merely has to do with feeling or emotion – all rather heavily constructed – then we’re getting somewhere.

When it’s not about predicting the stock market fluctuations, I get questions about what people think are problems. It’s a problem when you get laid off. It’s a problem when your intended suddenly marries another. It’s a problem when you can’t communicate with your children, and it’s a problem when others don’t respect your work, or when your talent doesn’t get recognized. It’s also a problem when you get cursed, or when you have to suffer others’ envy, jealousy, and hatred of what you do. Even when other people’s problem with you may actually be entirely their problem, the truth is that most are affected, and thus turn these other problems into personal problems.

I read cards for all of it. But one of the things that occurs to me is that when people take the step and seek the fortuneteller’s advice regarding any problem, what you can be sure of is this: in addition to the problem, whatever problem, you’ll have grief on your table. Grievance follows problems. How do you deal with it?

My Lenormand Foundation Course is open for registration until tomorrow. We don’t just learn to read the cards like the Devil. We learn philosophy. We learn about the impact of semantic and semiotics on how we perceive a visual text in relation to a problem and its ensuing grief. We learn techniques of seeing so that when we do fling that line at the other we read the cards for, we move their heart.


Cards: A Helium Poet Lenormand, second edition.

Published by Camelia Elias

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