I’ve been in Norway for over a month. Usually I work a lot on vacation, but that’s simply because I don’t make a distinction between work and fun. As far as I can see, if you have to do something, then that doing is already work. The fun part is mostly a cultural thing. While we can assign the value of ‘fun’ to work, essentially, work is work.

With this in mind, I finalized three book manuscripts, each very different in form and content. I was constantly ahead of myself. I thought about it, about what made my discipline so relentless.

The first reason has to do with what I started out with here. I didn’t think of the task ahead of me as either work or fun. Rather I thought, this is simply something that needs done.

The second reason has to do with focus. If you keep yourself to just the one narrative: ‘this needs to be done’, and not assign any category or value to the quality of the activity, then you realize that you can have a lot of space in the head that’s completely free from the dangers of resisting.

As soon as you think of an activity as ‘work’ or ‘fun’, or both, actually, ‘work and fun’, you set yourself up for distraction. The moment the work is too heavy, you’ll feel resistance. The moment the fun is too trivial, you get bored, and then start resisting that, boredom that is.

Whichever way you put it, qualifiers are a trap.

I’m talking about focus because tomorrow I’ll start the summer cycle of 11 Tarot Prompts, focusing precisely on the topic of focus. Check it out and hop on board. We’re over 70 so far, all geared up to have our brains challenged, nice martial arts style of cartomancy under the Devil’s signature.

Speaking of the Devil, since he showed up at the very top of what I want to share with you here, let me offer this Tarot haiku, as it exemplifies what I’m doing in my third book, namely wax poetic with my own limited edition Arcades Tarot.

Devil in details

Crossing legs on a missed path

Books and rites shake hands

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