I don’t want to say that lately I’ve been immersed in all sorts of projects, because it wouldn’t be true at all. What is more true is that I’m immersed in all sorts of projects all the time.

This requires some planning and self-reflection. I’m good at finishing whatever I start. I don’t know the meaning of postponement, or of ditching whatever project if it turns out to be some shit. I still do it, if for no other reason than because I’m curious to watch my reaction, ‘oh my, you wasted so much time on this, …’ my conscious self tells my unconscious self. The unconscious has a way of retorting stubbornly, in a rhetorical question, ‘so what if I did, only capitalists buy the idea that time is money.’ Now this would be right on the money, my self in between the conscious and the unconscious would say.

Be that as it may, here’s something everyone following Taroflexions can use (though obviously I’m writing this with the purpose of enticing you to be curious beyond the scope of this short essay, and check out the Playing Cards Foundation Course).

If you ‘struggle’ with time, give yourself no more than two options: ‘Do it today or tomorrow?’ Note that I didn’t say, ‘do it today or some other time at a later point’. That’s not an option if you want to get things done.

I had to ask this of myself, and I used the cards for it, simply because I was too tired to deliberate and play judge between my competing conscious and unconscious selves.

Do it today?

2 Clubs, 3 Clubs, Ace of Clubs

This is a no brainer. With this line up, the answer is definitely ‘not today’.

What’s interesting now is to see what the cards for tomorrow’s option say, as I very much like as little contradiction as possible (on occasion the cards like to play pranks on me, and give me an even stronger no, when I actually expect a yes). That’s when I know I have to stretch my brain, if I still want to have fun.

Queen of Hearts, Jack of Spades, 4 Hearts is, however a ‘yes, tomorrow is better’, so I’ll take that.

Someone with little understanding my look upon my effort with reluctance, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Queen of Hearts give a flying fuck about what the immature and hesitant Jack of Hearts may have to say about it.

Have fun with your cards. It helps to let them deliberate for you, when you’re simply not in the mood for choosing between the options.

Leaving everything up to fate is something I find very interesting, even when the outcome tells me that such an activity is pretty dumb.

I like chance and stumbling into things we don’t get to control, as that enforces our relaxation in accepting whatever comes, gracefully and with our belly full of laughter.

Keep going.


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