I have to admit that I don’t like family pictures all lying around on all sorts of altars and mantles. Not even on the day of the dead. I prefer boxes. Antique boxes. The older the better. That’s where I keep the spirit world.

Today I took one such box out, and started sorting through the dead housed in it.

I made a collage of some of the pictures, and put it up on top of the box and next to a glass of water. My dead parents lead the way next to a rose I gave all of them.

That’s my offering.

There are many ways of honoring the dead. I change my own ways and style every year.

This year I wanted to ask them for their collective wisdom. What say you all, that you can all agree on beyond any argument?

Fool, Tower, the Moon

‘There’s only one way for the fools that leads first to the broken tower and then to the madhouse.’

Well, that’s good to know, especially when our foolishness takes the upper hand. We can anticipate our reactions to the consequences and simply accept what comes our way.

I like this message and the reflection that it invites to. The dead don’t mess around and they speak the truth.

Happy day of the dead to all of them, and all of yours.

Cards: Tarot Interdit: Hommage à Yamamoto Masao by Camelia Elias (a personal project)

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3 thoughts on “THE DEAD IN A BOX

  1. My Love Affair With AM Radio:

    An excerpt that matches The Fool – The Tower – The Moon:

    I listened to everything — even Ray Briem, whose late-night show prefigured conservative talk radio and whom I barely comprehended — and I expected to be heard in return, even if I didn’t agree with every point made and even though I never actually called in. There was always a back and forth, a sense that hosts and listeners were on the same plane. That was the pact I had with AM.

    More than 40 years later I am still trying to hold AM to that pact. It’s a fool’s errand. The encompassing AM radio of my youth is long gone, sacrificed to the media infrastructure the hard right starting building in earnest in the 1980s. Its talk shows have become synonymous with unrepentant conservatism and uncivil conversation mediated mostly by loud white guys, and no one is invited in who doesn’t already subscribe. Even the music played on AM — from country to perfectly good jazz — feels tainted by association.

  2. Hi Camelia, I know this might be an out of the blue question but I’ ve noticed that you use the Dawn R. Jackson method of reading playing cards. I happend to learn (and love the magical feel of it) from her site I found in the depths of the Internet, but unfortunatelly in the part for the Wytch of Exeptional Memory there are two spreads missing. Are you familiar with her spread “The Grand Throw”? And is it similar to the Grand Tableau? I’m dying to know! I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

    1. Hi Agata, to my knowledge, Dawn never wrote the part for the grand throw when she ditched this whole work, so it doesn’t exist, alas. A few years ago I invented myself a grand tableau for playing cards. Search for it here on Taroflexions, as you may find it interesting. Have fun.

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