Two days ago I’ve sent out the monthly newsletter, Art of Reading, with information on two collaborative projects. One in book form, the other in card form.

If you’ve received it, you can ignore the message below, as it’s a reproduction of what I said in the newsletter. If you haven’t, then I hope you will enjoy the message about the significance of collaborations.


This month has been under the sign of collaboration.

I’m very happy to present you all with a very fine collaborative project, now out in the form of a new book:

21+1: The Fortune-Teller’s Rules: Read like the Devil Manifestos

37 diviners and fortune-tellers have offered insights full of personal wisdom and power about cards and life. The book is also richly illustrated with the authors’ own art, in calligraphic and sigil style.

I hope you will find this book as fascinating and useful as we did.

Author and contributor, Debi Ann Scott, got to unbox the book and offer an instant review of it.

The book is available from all online stores.

If Amazon insists that the book is ‘temporarily out it stock’, you can still just order it and get it within a few days.

The publisher’s list price is $17, so make sure you don’t fall for the inflated prices out there. Barnes and Noble has also always been impeccable with presentation and shipping, and I recommend that you support them, if Amazon irritates you.


The other collaborative project I want to mention is the creation of a brand new deck, which will soon be available in printed form, as a gift to the cartomantic community.

Students of Aradia Academy, Merete Veian and Nicholas Maher, visited us on top of the mountain in Norway. We not only conceptualized a deck, but we also pretty much produced it on the the spot, in what amounts to one afternoon. Merete has been instrumental in putting it all together. We named it Arc Tarot: Trumps on Target.

I like snappy projects that don’t take an infinity to realize.

It goes to show, collaborations pay off and make a lot of people happy.

I hope you will enjoy these offerings.

Keep going  



You may check out the newest essays here, as well as the ones on Patheos on impressive vocabulary, the Sun and Star, and what happens when a card falls out of the deck while shuffling.

ARADIA ACADEMY FB Page also features new material.

Stay in the loop for cartomantic courses at Aradia Academy.


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