When it rains in the mountain and the mists of Avalon descend upon it, I hear only one word: ‘Stay’.

This is the strong suit of the Mountain, to say to you, ‘stay’.

In this word there’s the voice of the old rock that you hear, the voice that has you fixated in time. The mists carry the sound through, and you start searching for the mountain crystal that holds your memory. What reflects back is a glimpse of your heart in love, in the house of love.

Sense and sensuality befit the clouds, and there’s no difference between the gaze you cast upon the mountain the first time you ever saw one when you were a girl of 5, and now, when you add a zero to the 5. If there’s a difference, then it’s in the hair, with Avalon claiming it as its own white reflection, a gate to mystery and miracle.

I cast a grand tableau for the voice of the mountain, that one that says ‘stay’, and decide that I don’t want to be the Man or the Woman, the Snake or the Flower. I want to be the Heart.

And just like the mists of Avalon transport you to magic, so does this tableau.

The Heart falls in the house of the Heart, while the Man and the Woman are together. All in the same line.

Did I say that you can read the Mountain as a sign that says ‘stay’, and not just as a sign of what’s impossible to climb or overcome?

If your significator is the Heart, you’ll hear all sorts of things that are not of conceptual construction.

My Everest is in my heart, and so is what I hear when I divine with the cards:

‘Who says that you must follow tradition? Invent your own. The heart is strong under the mountain’s sign, and the command to stay is the voice of presence: I’m here now.’

In this reading, I said I didn’t want to be represented by any of the significators associated with living beings.

But they all lined up for the Heart nonetheless: The Dog, the Man, and the Woman are separated from the Heart by the Star. The whole line – Fish, Flowers, Letter, Dog, Man, Woman, Star, Heart – also seems to be saying this:

The flow of beauty that comes through words makes the man faithful to the inspired woman in love.

‘This stays,’ the Mountain says, intersecting with the mists of Avalon in the Ring, the sign of commitment to hearing the heartbeat of the Lily in the valley.

The past is not behind us, but ahead, where we can see it all the time because we know it. Only the future lies behind, subject to the clouds to know it.

In between heaven and earth and what shall always pass, in between ‘I’m here now’, and ‘and yet’, there are the words: ‘Stay.’

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Published by Camelia Elias

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  1. ‘Open your secrets leads to hit the growth of knowledge’ says Le Tableau in the final four cards. For that reason, it starts saying that everything consist in sharing our believes with others, but we have to be aware of the fact that instituitions that represent these believes are trying to engage us to their rules so that we will be able to see things clear. All of this leads to a decadency, a childish game that leads people to remain lost in the mountain of believes.

    As always, your posts are a huge inspiration and food for thought.

    Thanks Camelia.

    1. Thanks for the comment and high praise. Indeed, I’m not in the camp of giving people what they want to hear. Quite the contrary. I render myself odious when I bust all the beliefs that come my way that people love to cherish. I follow the deconstructivists, not the pleasers.



    Can never get enough or your mind expanding approaches to reading the “damn cards”.

    1. I’m glad to hear it, Beverly. Thanks. I’ll be happy to welcome you again.

      And congrats on your contribution to the Fortune-Teller’s Rules, again. It’s rocking one.

  3. Yes! “Invent your own traditions”! I love how you pour out words as deep red wine from an ancient bottle.

    Gorgeous photos of the mountains. Staying put is underrated, the emphasis is often on the movement but how can you love that flow without standing still at times. That is like an interruption, as the tower, that brings about the change.
    Looking forward to the course:-). Your art tarot course has already impacted me on so many levels, that of a reader and artist and many more.

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