Do you also feel like…?

No, I don’t.

Do you also feel like a blasted bomb after the eclipse?

Do you also feel like retrograde spinach while Mercury is doing its sabotage?

Do you also feel like an offensive Queen of Swords, shitting in everybody’s pleasure?

No, I don’t.

Just because something feels like something else, doesn’t make it reality.

Something that feels like something else is exactly that, a fallacy, a correlation that has no justification.

Yesterday I was watching the solar eclipse, iPhone in hand, ready to shoot the picture of the century, and that was that.

I got my picture, featuring Leo itself taking care of the eclipsed sun, and that was that.

I wasn’t feeling like burnt toast, nor was I feeling like something ominous was going to happen.

If anything, I was feeling more like wetting paper, and splashing with ink in random patterns, yet controlled compress direction, following the Marangoni Effect and master Takaji Kuroda’s suminagashi genius.

The lions and the foxes, the Jack of Spades, the witch’s head, and the butterflies that emerged from my waters were not the thing itself, but rather, mythologies of feelings.

I’ll keep at it today with a theme called Arranged Marriage because I like to think about what I put into the water to create different types of tension and density.

I also fancied asking this question of my oracle art:

What do I really feel like, when I don’t get too excited about the amplified metaphors of vivid imagery that the internet is throwing at me for identification?

I laid down three ‘cards’ and, as always, I got a nice message:

When bubbles are presented to me as if they were rooted in the reality of nature, I feel like the Fool who sticks her tongue out at all of them. Stepping on the heart, I let the bells in my hat ring the song of ‘no meaning.’


It goes to show. All I need to do is direct my gaze towards what is formed as a consequence of having orchestrated a little show of dispersing and contracting ink on the surface of water, and then transpose the whole image onto Japanese paper.

Context is everything. And looking makes the story.

I leave the mythologies of feeling to tension, form, harmony, contrast, and balance on paper.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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  1. More of this please. Do you think you can write more or do a video about about feelings = not reality. I think your sharpness could shake the world a bit and bring some rational thought to all this madness. It’s even bled into the cosmetic industry… serums with crystals in them…The whole spiritual world is laden with mythologies and correspondence as facts which in my opinion is like substituting one delusion (the whole reason why people look to religion and spiritual practices for assistance) for another delusion (so called truths that have no substance to back them up in the real world).

    Rose quarts being associated with love and romantic themes. The moon as the mother, the sun as the father, mercury’s retrograde as responsible for poor behaviour, a jade roller for anti-aging, crystals to go up your vagina, quarts everything, ghosts and spirits taking the fault because people can’t deal with being held accountable, etc. What’s next drinkable holy water to cure IBS because if doctors can’t figure it out church water can.

    1. Ha, sure thing. Every day I have an incentive to say some very nasty things. I may take you up on the suggestion and shoot a video. Though, if you haven’t seen the Patheos essays, I recommend that you read some of them. They are full of deconstructions of all sorts of mythologies. Enjoy, and thanks.

  2. Yes! I’m so happy someone said it so I didn’t have to lol! Basically anything touted as a wellness product at Urban Outfitters and shops like that. It’s a great way to make easy money but a terrible way to cope with real life problems. These days it’s hard to walk into a health food store without getting hounded by someone trying to sell you essential oils and diffusers as a solution for all the worlds issues all while fragrance allergies have been shown to be on the rise ever since the spike in sells of essential oils. Boy oh boy.

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