It’s so goddamn hot that the only thing my brain can handle is to go online and find an activity that requires nothing other than Emperor Nero’s thumb: up or down.

Well, what better place than FONTS?


I can spend an inordinately enormous time on such websites, where everyone competes for your attention.

As it happens, I have a weakness for ALL creators, even when I say no thanks to what they create. The fact that they create beats anything else.

So, today I check the creators of the world, beer in hand, in 30 degrees Celsius heat in a country where this is HIGHLY unusual, after having suffered already for three months with NO rain. In the whole history of Danish recorded meteorology, this never happened before. As it also happens, I’m a devoted winter person, who rather hates all things summer and such, so you can image my lamentations. I also love ALL rain.

It’s no surprise, however, that such extreme weather hits us, what with the climate changes. But no one believes that. What the world believes in is ‘belief’ itself, ‘fake news’, and others such idiocy, all taking fancy place in polarized rooms.

Lord have mercy.

The point I’m trying to make under these conditions is the following, as I find myself having to resist the temptation to download fonts based on their names alone.

The reason why I have always insisted in the public sphere on holding NO BELIEFS WHATSOEVER is simply because of my conviction that there’s nothing that can trump NO BELIEF.

Oh, the freedom of having something you can hold on to that can’t be trumped.

Obviously I’m interested in things that can’t be trumped, not only because of my Zen training, but also because of my love of playing cards, especially the type that involves trump taking.

That’s the transmission today, if there’s any transmission anywhere in this, namely that NO BELIEF cannot be trumped.

Aside from that, there’s divination, as always.

Beer in hand, the Gluttony type in ‘The Sinner Series’ made by famed Amager Bryghus, I resist downloading the font called, ‘Sarah is Sober’.

It’s not for nothing that I train in Zen philosophy that I happen to practice, often to the general public’s dismay, a public that would want to me to ‘believe in something’. And I insist: I bloody don’t. I’m into seeing things as they really are, not into what others think that I should see or follow.

Lord have mercy.

I also completely skip the fonts category called, Esoteric, as the first thing that hits the eye is the font type called ‘Jesus Christ’, followed by ‘Lucky Charms’. That settles it.

BELIEVE ME, you can’t make this up. Just imagine what I’m thinking right now.

Leave that magic aside.

Cards in hand. Here’s the question for this Taroflexions post:

What is the BONUS advantage of maintaining NO BELIEF?

I say BONUS, because obviously there’s a reason why I insist on NO BELIEF already. But as I like modifications, let’s see what the cards say about the nature of ‘a font is a font is a font is a font – you may replace ‘font’ with Jesus or whatever else that excites you.

Glorious cards, and if I might add, glorious Carolus Zoya cards, my favorite.

The void in your gut simply gets bigger and holier, validated by the Queen in the middle of it, who will not tolerate any kind of nonsense, fonts or no fonts, gluttony or no gluttony. . .

Stay tuned for cartomatic activities.

5 thoughts on “GLUTTONY

  1. Mr. Lucky says:

    The planet Earth moves in cycles. Some long and some short, but cycles none the less. The climate of planet earth is never static. There are rather brief periods of warming, and much longer periods of extreme cold and glaciation. We are currently in a warm cycle……and it is ending. A long and protracted period of extreme cold and snow approaches. As we transition from warm phase to cold phase, there will be extreme weather events: Hot, cold, warm, dry, major storms, etc. This is just the transition phase and it too will soon end. By the mid 2020s the extreme cold and snow will settle in and become the norm. Those above 40 degrees North, and those below 40 degrees South will experience that coldest weather. Food will become scarce as planting seasons are interrupted. Empires will rise and fall, and there will be massive relocations of peoples. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but truth is truth. Most people are still seduced by the global warming myth that the planet is warming due to C02 emissions. What a lie. C02 emissions rise with cyclical warming, and decrease with cyclical cooling. Co2 is a trailing indicator, not a leading indication. Of course, given the current propaganda, most people will not believe what I am saying. That is ok, propaganda is quite seductive. And yet, by the mid 2020s none will be able to deny the truth. Prepare now…….Winter is coming.

    1. Camelia Elias says:

      You don’t have to apologize for bringing ‘bad’ news.

      I don’t live in a world where I make distinctions between good and bad. As I said, I practice Zen, not being worried about tomorrow.

      As it also happens, I don’t get scared. If shit happens, then it happens, as it always does. Or doesn’t.

      Whatever comes will not last. We live a short life. Impermanence rules.

      I indulge in no illusion about tomorrow and how dreadful or blissful tomorrow looks like. I simply don’t care about these things. It’s all narrative.

      Keep going.

      1. Mr. Lucky says:

        I completely understand.

        And yet, it is easy to say “I don’t get scared if shit happens” when things are still mostly stable. However, it has been shown time and time again that when folks have a gun pointed at them, bravado disappears, and most will pee their pants. I am not saying that this will be your response, I am saying it is the response of the vast majority of people.

        The information I presented in my above post is in response to your saying: “it is hot as hell.” I am only attempting to explain the current and coming situation. This information does not seem to matter to you, and that is fine. If I can reach a few people through any means necessary…..including this blog, I will do my best to reach people who just might care.

        By the way, I have found that it is easier to practice zen with a full belly;)


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