Motivation is often part of what I talk about. In fact, others also talk about it all the time.

  • What motivates us?
  • Where does our motivation come from?
  • Can we be motivated about something we don’t really want to do?
  • How can we motivate ourselves to find out what we really want, in case we don’t quite know it already?

Let’s look at how motivation relates to fear.

Some psychologists ascertain that lack of motivation is not due to lack of drive, or even lack of knowledge about what you want to do. Rather, lack of motivation springs from fear. The fear of others.

Many involved in the divinatory arts: cartomancy, tarot, astrology, self-help or predictive oracle readings, come up against this fear.

‘What do people think of my readings?, and ‘Do I get it right?’ are questions often thought of, but not always articulated or addressed.

This fear is even more a pressing problem for those who left their ‘day job’ for a ‘divination job’. The first anxiety that sets in is related to seeing how others hold it against you that you, basically, work, working being something that we all share already.

Falling for the real or projected question that you imagine others are asking, ‘What’s your intention with your divination business?’, is a very bad idea. If your intention is aligned with your motivation to simply work, then I don’t see why this should be made the business of anyone. You’re welcome to pick my brains about it, as I’ve been there myself, where I was asked to defend my desire to do what I do best – hell no, I said.

But here’s what I say that may be useful to you:

Those who get past the fear of what clients or peers think are the ones who simply decide to turn their divination business into high risk performance.

This often involves plunging right into it, and reading the damn cards, or the equivalent of jumping off a plane without a parachute. No safety-net. You wouldn’t need one, when what matters is doing your best, not what others think of it.

Those who can’t get past this fear may ask the cards:

What holds me back?

In cartomancy you only have two options (in variation):

You either align doing your best with your own justice and momentum, or you don’t.

You either strategize for the way you get to own your readings and bring it in alignment with where your heart is located for you, or you leave the divination table.

You either accept the fact that working with divination is ill-reputed and yet you still do it, or you succumb to meaningless self-defence and futile explanations, and hence expire.

If you’re not sure about how to read the cards, you may join the ‘martial arts cartomancy corps’ in formation right now and learn something about the value of not giving a fuck, and actually mean it.

The Marseille Tarot Foundation Course is open for registration.


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