I sit with my coffee and think.

Many spiritual traditions operate with the notion of ascending and descending. In my essay on Lucifer in The Scalding of Sapientia I talk about gliding on a beam.

Why are we interested in descent? It’s basic. We’re interested because we’re motivated by curiosity.

Storytelling often begins with this premise: ‘I have something to tell you’.

If we open up and listen, we learn something. If we give in to our basic curiosity and don’t activate any resisting buttons for no reason, we experience an opening of the heart.

I think about my path, the one that I’m very conscious off.

I am undoubtedly a woman of the sword AND the pen. Neither is mightier than the other.

I can channel the meanest warriors, from famous Chinese generals to Uesugi Kenshin, the Zen samurai, and Vlad the Impaler. After all, I do come from Transylvania.

My writing is tough and soft. I compare my own scribblings to Kenshin’s calligraphy, and I see no difference.

Perhaps Bishamonten’s blood, the god of warriors and wealth, drips on my bordeaux katana and sigil.

The hard cover of The Scalding of Sapientia has an insistent bordeaux color.

Lucifer descends. I have something to tell you… That’s my path.

These days I teach on Saturdays.

The Power of the Pips is out, on my table, and so are Anathema and my blood sword.

There are many stories to tell. Listen . . . .

Tonight I answer questions about the Power of the Pips.

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Published by Camelia Elias

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