I don’t dislike all the lovers. The Lovers card in the Marseille Tarot, that is.

Some amuse me and inspire me in thinking about the power of the great.

I look at the Pope officiating the marriage in my Tarocchi della Dama, a weird concoction that blends Marseille Tarot, Gringonneur, and Wait-Smith imagery.

camelia elias, tarocchi della dama

Cupid is above them all, but clearly intent on shooting the Pope.

In this rendition it’s obvious that we don’t need to bother with the two, young people. They’re in love, and getting married. This card is not about choice. Unless you choose yourself to believe the ‘traditional’ meaning.

What is there to choose when you’re already doing it, saying yes in front of witnesses? This is more like a fait-acompli situation.

So what can we say about this card if we want more from it than ‘meaning’?

We can say that it displays irony.

The man in power gets more of it.

The two empowered by love perform their duty in the hope that the family name and emblem will go forward.

The man of ritual is all about the chance to love, while the lovers are all about conventions. What is this shameless reversal of the order of things?

You meet your intended at a party, you propose and get your yes, and then share what there is to share. Where love features into all this, remains to be seen.

But why does the Pope need a shot of Cupid’s game?

I look at the next set of three cards.

Death is not in doubt either. Not that Death ever is, but on occasion you read books or watch a movie where Death is represented as hesitating, or as giving you more time.

Not here. Off with their heads. The clergy heads, that is.

Is it because the Popes of the world have forgotten about the lilies between their own legs?

Ah, such blatant display of that tacky symbolism that associates the Lily with sex. Look at this Page of Cups here. He’s beyond shame.

The World is a mirror. Whatever you put in front of it, goes. Who cares if it’s real or not?

I’m thinking of the lilies. I want to go back and rewrite some of the stuff I put in my new book, The Power of the Pips: Courting Numbers in Cartomancy. I may have taken myself too seriously, forgetting about the modest flowers.

I’m saving this idea, though. The good news about being done with something is that it allows you to start over. Do some more. Read some more, write some more, share more.

The obvious floats around. All we need to do is catch it as it flows.

The Power of the Pips is out. There’s also a lecture that takes a deep-dive into more essentials. Check it out. If you get the lecture before Friday, you’r invited to a Q&A live session.

Have you seen the latest Patheos posts? They’re filled with sharp, Zen wisdom and cartomantic martial arts cuts.

As to the latest YouTube, you can have it here too. Enjoy!


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