‘Why are you doing this?’

‘Doing what?’

‘This… this Tarot thing… What does it do?’

‘THIS makes you think. That’s what it does.’


‘Just as Danish literature makes you think, so does this visual text makes me think. And just in case you also want to know whether there’s a difference between ‘this’ and a painting by Chagall, there isn’t.’

This is me talking to a Danish literature professor, who was quizzing me about my work with the cards, while adopting a slightly irritated tone of exasperation, as if wanting to say, ‘you and your cards and your rituals…’

I was in a hurry to hit the cemetery to shoot the rising moon.

There’s insistence.

‘Why are you doing this chasing after the moon? What does it do for you?’

‘Nothing. It does nothing for me. A rising full moon is just the most beautiful thing I can think of experiencing. It doesn’t mean anything and it doesn’t have to mean anything.’

I stop there in my conversation, and hit the road. It was my turn to be exasperated.

I love questions and I hate meanings.

Some people love meanings and hate questions.

This morning, as part of my working routine, I was sitting with my cup of coffee and my cards.

I marvelled at the embracing woman taking shape at the brim. She was holding a whole world of images in her arms.

The woman, the dog, three sheep at the left, the path, and a man, erect, reaching out to the woman…

Yes, yes, but what does it all mean?

I look at my cards:

The Moon, the Hanged Man, the Devil.

What do these cards prompt me to ask today?

Perhaps this:

When your pool is drained of water, and your head hits rock bottom, how do you see your attachments?

Do you even know what they are?

Why do you need to visit the underworld in order to get in touch with whatever has you hanging upside down, in fear and trembling?

I think of the man and the woman holding hands and embracing the world in my coffee cup.

The Hanged Man’s dry spell is about to meet the Devil.

I think of the woman asking: ‘Why are you doing this?’

I think of habit, and then I think of habit that creates flow.

I’m doing this because ‘this’ makes me think, and because ‘this’ flows.

Happy full moon.

Check out the series of group Tarot Prompts going out twice a year. You will enjoy some unexpected questions.


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