Allhallowtide, including All Saints’ Day and Halloween, is a great time to think about bridges. There are crossings over.

While we tend to think of it as a way of getting a sense of the ‘other’, or a sense of ‘over there’ versus ‘over here,’ it may well be a good idea to think of the grey space in between:

The negative space that photographers talk about when they refer to shadow and light in black and white pictures, or the space between brush strokes that painters refer to when they mark a color tone, or the silent notes that musicians refer to when they play the invisible notes, the ones stressing a movement with no sound. Drummers know this one best.

Here’s what I propose, while looking at the oldest deck I own, an Italian tarocchini from 1789.

Let us think of the 4 suits of a Tarot pack or a playing card deck as representing bridges, the space between here and there.

Let’s look at the 4 Aces as an example of how each initiates a suit, and represents a bridge over the negative space, the space without which there’d be no primordial act.

The Ace of Diamonds (coins) is the message: There is life and death. The more you cultivate both, the more polished you are.

The Ace of Hearts (cups) is the shape of formlessness. Without flow resistance wins.

The Ace of Clubs (batons) is the silent wind. It pushes you over into acceptance.

The Ace of Spades (swords) is the void of expectation. When the mind is free, the bones can create.

Enjoy the saints, the silent notes, and the 4 suits bridging wisdoms.

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