Our house has a sign in front of it, directing to Villa Happiness, Kingdom of Heaven, Alpine Cabin and Phantom Cabin.

Everything is an oracle, because I’m in Norway again.

As soon as I crossed the border, I felt the magic of Norway infusing my breath.

When I’m here I act on faith. I surrender myself, which is another way of saying that I surrender to whatever Norway throws my way.

Mostly magnificent views, superb location, a cabin to die for, and the mantra: ‘Five weeks of this to perfection.’

It’s a kind of wisdom to think that there is such a thing that can boost your breath.

So I find myself making oracular statements to that effect.

‘The magic here boosts everything I touch’. Requests to use the winds to send some of this boosted vital breath ensue. I oblige happily.

What is greater than to participate in wishing everyone to be happy? If everyone is happy, I’m happy. There’s no concern anymore.

This suits my mindset very well, as I’m never bothered by comings and goings, of people, events, experiences, and other.

On the plane of non-identification with anything – the body, mind, pain or bliss, there’s no coming and going.

Things are as they are. How can there be any coming and going, any effort, any self-improvement project, any self-empowerment when there’s the realization that things are as they are?

It’s liberating to stop being concerned.

I stare at 101, the number of people who have signed up so far for my new cycle of Tarot Prompts.

I make no assumptions. What I offer, I offer, and am happy for whatever IS, and yet my mind picks up an analogy: 101 is the basic stuff. The unchanged.

I read the cards for what I see is also a statement of ‘all things being equal’, as I raise the card of Justice in the soft wind over the valley. It’s the one that fell out of the deck while shuffling.

Being here in the moment is the highest realization of truth.

The vital breath is here, the one that cares not about the way in which we trick ourselves into believing that we have a choice, that we must make a choice, that we can make a choice.

Charles Webb, The Trickster Tarot

Here’s the thought for you:

Think of your vital breath as the primordial god; the breath before your statements of cognition inform your proclamations of this sort: ‘If you can think it, it exists.’

How is your language if you now also think about the other stuff, the stuff that’s not so flattering? ‘If you can think them, they exist,’ namely, your demons, your worries, anxiety, depression, attachments.

Check with your worries today. If you have absolutely none, consider yourself lucky. But if you can find just one, then think of where it comes from. Think of where it’s located in your body.

What tricks do you use to enslave your vital breath with?

The whole point of your vital breath is to blow through limitations.

Smell, touch, feel, taste, hear. In equal measure. Don’t upgrade ‘feeling’ as if that’s the one that cuts it, that gets to your heart’s desire.

Feeling doesn’t exist any more than any of the other sensations, when you place yourself on a par with your own capacity to witness yourself think, and then think about what this thinking does to you.

You have no choice but to be here, in the now.

Enjoy your summer.



P.S. You can still join the Tarot Prompts club, and grab a spot. Registration closes in 6 hours.

If not this time around, stay tuned for future activities.

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